Secret Forest Early Learning Centre

World's first childcare centre fully inspired by the "Gaia (Earth) Education Principle" (i.e. Earth inspired buildings, environments, values, curriculum, & outcomes for children). Founded by Nikeeta and Dr Darius Singh, Directors of the Chrysalis Group, their Gaia (Earth) inspired approach in Early Childhood Education is soon to be published and presented at the International Conference for Education, Research and Innovation (Nov 2018), as well as the International Conference for Future Learning (Dec 2018). This is truely "childcare like you've never seen before". Hidden in a one acre native forest somewhere in South Auckland ... to be revealed in mid 2019...with a planned grand opening on "International Earth Day", April 2020.

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We are so grateful for the support we are getting from all over the community (parents, teachers, businesses, schools) for our vision for the future, developments underway at present, and achievements made in the past. Thank you, this only drives us to do more and more...

I was so intrigued by your work in NZ and would like to learn more. I have shared your vision with many here as well, about your innovative approach to both building and programming.

- Professor C. Croft, Executive Director, Center for Inclusive Child Care, Concordia University, USA

I wanted you to know that I have told several people about your work and your presentation (at ICERI) since I've returned. I often find myself thinking about your statement regarding the earth taking care of itself. I do hope that you'll keep in touch and I hope one day we'll figure out a way to work together

- Dr A. Bailey, Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota, USA

I saw your future Secret Forest learning centre showcased in the Trend Design magazine...To incorporate biophilic design principles and biomimicry into an educational building will be exceptionally beneficial for the development and learning of young children, and I commend you for taking that path.

- A Kirkpatrick, Architect

Your childcare center is very impressive. It’s really exciting to see that there are researchers and organizations around the world that are reforming education even at the earliest stages of life. I’m so hopeful that we’re all going to be contributing to some amazing changes in the near future in education. I actually told my students what you were working on in NZ and I want to share this with my colleagues as well. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.

- Dr A. Hussain, California State University, San Bernardino

I'm so interested with your approach for early learning. My son will be 3 yrs old when the Secret Forest opens in 2020. Can you keep me in the loop when enrolment starts please? Thank you..

- Mrs C Dewi (MUM and our first enrolment query)

I am an old Playcentre person, worked in Early Childhood for years, helped establish Home-Based Care and Education with Barnardos over the years, and worked with MSD on the development and implementation of SKIP – so you will understand why your concept captured my heart! Best wishes.

- Mrs P Watson (ECE Educator)

Delighted to read about your proposed Secret Forest preschool. Outdoor education is very popular in Denmark.

- Bill Carrig, Owner, Design Denmark,

Thats so cool. I also think it's important to recognise that children need the chance to be children ... it's so important. Well done to you two as well - what a dream.

- Mrs Slipper (MUM)

I read (your Herald article earlier this morning, very cool. Love your innovation, agree completely with your ethos.

- College (Secondary School) Educator

I have seen an artist impression of your very impressive looking new project!! Looking amazing!!

- Bevan Thorn (Director, Playscape -

What a great initiative. It’s definitely what young children need to help develop the skills they need for concentration and learning!

- Primary School Educator

How exciting - a great concept. I will be watching developments with interest. Early Childhood experiences and education at their best. Lets get back to our roots.

- Mrs P Watson (ECE Educator and our very first feedback!!)

Contact Secret Forest Early Learning Centre (South Auckland ... Find out more...)

Phone: 0508 PRESCHOOL
Address: Hidden somewhere in South Auckland ... to be revealed in mid 2019 with a planned open day on "International Earth Day", April 2020.
Hours: Mon- Fri 7am - 6pm