Gaia (Earth) Forest Preschool New Zealand

A real Forest Kindy and so much more... World's first childcare centre fully inspired by the "Gaia (Earth) Education Principle" (i.e. Earth inspired building designs, environments, values, curriculum, & outcomes for children). This is truly "childcare like you've never seen before". Perfectly situated for families who live, work near, or commute through Manukau, Manurewa, Gardens, Flat Bush, Mission Heights, Ormiston, Takanini, Pukekohe, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Karaka, Drury, Waiuku and Pokeno.

Call 0508 773 724or Click Here to send us an enquiry ...

We are so grateful for the support we are getting from parents, teachers, academics, businesses, schools all over NZ and the world for our vision for the future. Thank you, this only drives us to do more...

Hello, I live on Grande Vue road and I just love everything about this preschool

- JM Local resident

I am just in awe of your day care center

- Ms K Shepherd (MUM)

Have you seen this? Pretty awesome place just around the corner off grande vue rd, (hillpark, manurewa).

- R Herbert (

Dear Nikeeta and Darius, firstly I would like to say thank you for building such a beautiful preschool and community for the children, I really am looking forward for (my child) to join. We will be moving from Berlin in September.

- Mrs J Kim, Mum

I’m smitten by the concept of GAIA preschool and would love to have (my child) enrolled here.

- Mrs D Rao, Mum

Holy Spirit activate ??? This is flash ??

- M. Elizabeth

We are really blown away with the Gaia project and so proud to be partnering (with) you to bring it to life.

- Sarah Bowman, Every Educaid Resources,

Feedback received from our talks on "Earth Day" in April 2021 and "Matariki" in June 2021 from parents, teachers, and community leaders... "Mindblowing - Inspiring - Visionary" "Eye-opening and very inspiring" "Such a beautiful presentation" "Absolutely loved listening to your talk. The event was magic" "Thank you for inspiring us with your vision" "Exciting - a wonderful presentation" "Thank you for returning hope in education for me" "So many take-aways from your talk" "So inspirational and what we need NOW in ECE" "Amazing presentation, very thought provoking" "What an amazing vision that is very aspirational and important to current global circumstances" "I am in love with your centre and your vision" "Vision is definately next level - feel so inspired" "Loved everything that was presented, Would love to attend more events from you" "More than I imagined - very inspiring talk" "I don’t think the superlatives actually do justice to the vision and passion you continue to show" "Love that we work in such amazing places" "Never seen a presentation like this before - so impressed and amazed!" "An eye opener to all parents and educators. It would me magical for tamariki to experience Papatuanuku as they begin their learning journey" "You sparked a vision and sparked something in me - thank you" "Never too late to see this perspective - keep fighting the good fight" "Very grateful - so powerful - thank you - loved it" "Humbling - Truthful - Confronting - Passionate - Honest - Eye opening"

- Community attendees from "Earth Day" and "Matariki' talks

Thank you for the lovely presentation - it was truly an eye opener. Exciting times ahead and made me realise how much more I still need to learn, unpack and discover.

- ECE Centre Manager and fully registered Teacher

Hi Darius & Nikeeta, Wow!!!! Inspiring!!! Visionary!! I don’t think the superlatives actually do justice to the vision and passion you continue to show. I have walked away from your presentation feeling very inspired, and motivated to spread the good word of the Gaia philosophy. Knowing your commitment and drive during the Chrysalis development , I have no doubt that Gaia will be amazing and I can’t wait to see it come to life. Congratulations again on today. Wow!!! What a fantastic effort. Look forward to talking soon

- Mr W. Kannangara

I visited the Avondale Centre (Chrysalis) this morning and wish I could enrol my boy in straight away if I wasn’t living so far away. I am really looking forward to the opening of the Gaia Centre in Hill Park.

- Mrs J Singh

COVID recovery June 2020: What you are doing to support the families by offering 0% and 50% fees is amazing! I'm sure we're not alone in saying that we very much appreciate it. Thank you.

- Ms M Ewan (CENTRE MUM)

We became the proud owners of our very first home today. Thank you so much for all your support.

- Teaching Colleague, Chrysalis Family of Early Learning Centres

It was a very tough year, however you were still a stand out and the practices you have implemented show you're a great employer. We liked that your employees believe in your philosophy and have the same passion as you do.

- Judges' comments, 2019 Westpac Business Awards, FINALIST EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR

Congratulations on your project! In my trips around the world I never saw such an amazing concept of holistic learning! Thank you for bringing this to New Zealand! I was a Montessori teacher before moving to New Zealand and your ‘inspired curriculum’ is all I would like to provide to my son. Please don’t hesitate to send me updates about the enrolment and news about the Chrysalis Family!

- Ms Jaque (MUM and EDUCATOR)

I had just had a look at what you are up to - wonderful! I look forward to your opening next year. ... Its great to see people really focused on what the children need so congratulations on your efforts. I knew exactly what Gaia meant as we have a nature story CD that talks about Gaia :)

- Celia Hogan, Founder and Lead Educator, Little Kiwis Nature Play,

It was so refreshing to hear someone talk about their centre with such enthusiasm. The Gaia, Earth and forest preschool concept that you're developing in Manurewa is a very special one indeed. How a childcare centre can play such a role in the upbringing of children and the community to hold a greater level of understanding and respect for the natural world is one we're very excited to be a part of.

- Senior Designer, Playscape,

Gaia (Earth) based Education Principle talk feedback: I loved your presentation and the great work that you all including teachers, parents and children are doing in your centers. I think the Gaia approach is a great example for children and adults that gives evidence on how it is possible to live without destroying our unique planet. Thanks for your presentation Best wishes

- Dr. Stefania Amici, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Honorary Visiting Researcher at the University of Manchester, UK

I was so intrigued by your work in NZ and would like to learn more. I have shared your vision with many here as well, about your innovative approach to both building and programming.

- Professor C. Croft, Executive Director, Center for Inclusive Child Care, Concordia University, USA

I wanted you to know that I have told several people about your work and your presentation (at ICERI) since I've returned. I often find myself thinking about your statement regarding the earth taking care of itself. I do hope that you'll keep in touch and I hope one day we'll figure out a way to work together

- Dr A. Bailey, Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota, USA

I saw your future (Gaia Earth Preschool) learning centre showcased in the Trend Design magazine...To incorporate biophilic design principles and biomimicry into an educational building will be exceptionally beneficial for the development and learning of young children, and I commend you for taking that path.

- A Kirkpatrick, Architect

Your childcare center is very impressive. It’s really exciting to see that there are researchers and organizations around the world that are reforming education even at the earliest stages of life. I’m so hopeful that we’re all going to be contributing to some amazing changes in the near future in education. I actually told my students what you were working on in NZ and I want to share this with my colleagues as well. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.

- Dr A. Hussain, California State University, San Bernardino

I'm so interested with your approach for early learning. My son will be 3 yrs old when the Secret Forest opens in 2020. Can you keep me in the loop when enrolment starts please? Thank you..

- Mrs C Dewi (MUM and our first enrolment query)

I am an old Playcentre person, worked in Early Childhood for years, helped establish Home-Based Care and Education with Barnardos over the years, and worked with MSD on the development and implementation of SKIP – so you will understand why your concept captured my heart! Best wishes.

- Mrs P Watson (ECE Educator)

Delighted to read about your proposed Secret Forest preschool. Outdoor education is very popular in Denmark.

- Bill Carrig, Owner, Design Denmark

Thats so cool. I also think it's important to recognise that children need the chance to be children ... it's so important. Well done to you two as well - what a dream.

- Mrs Slipper (MUM)

I read your Herald article ( earlier this morning, very cool. Love your innovation, agree completely with your ethos.

- College (Secondary School) Educator

I have seen an artist impression of your very impressive looking new project!! Looking amazing!!

- Bevan Thorn (Director, Playscape -

What a great initiative. It’s definitely what young children need to help develop the skills they need for concentration and learning!

- Primary School Educator

How exciting - a great concept. I will be watching developments with interest. Early Childhood experiences and education at their best. Lets get back to our roots.

- Mrs P Watson (ECE Educator and our very first feedback!!)

Contact Gaia (Earth) Forest Preschool New Zealand (49 Grande Vue Rd, Hillpark, near Auckland Botanic Gardens)

Phone: 0508 PRESCHOOL
Address: 49 Grande Vue Rd, Hillpark (near Auckland Botanic Gardens, off Hill Rd, with northern motorway on-ramp 500m away)

Northbound commuters: Exit at the Takanini off ramp, travel 5 minutes up Great South Rd to our preschool, then rejoin the motorway on-ramp 500m away to continue your commute Northbound to Manukau or Auckland CBD.

Southbound commuters to Manukau: We are only 3km from Rainbows End.

Perfectly situated for families who live, work near, or commute through Hillpark, Manukau, Manurewa, Flat Bush, Gardens, Ormiston, Mission Heights, Takanini, Pukekohe, Drury, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Karaka, Waiuku and Pokeno.
Hours: Mon- Fri 7am - 6pm

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