Gaia (Earth) Forest Preschool New Zealand

A real Forest Kindy and so much more... World's first childcare centre fully inspired by the "Gaia (Earth) Education Principle" (i.e. Earth inspired building designs, environments, values, curriculum, & outcomes for children). This is truely "childcare like you've never seen before". Perfectly situated for families who live, work near, or commute through Manukau, Manurewa, Gardens, Flat Bush, Mission Heights, Ormiston, Takanini, Pukekohe, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Karaka, Drury, Waiuku and Pokeno.

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A warm welcome to the most inspiring childcare centre on Earth!

Give your child the gift of experiencing their first 5 years immersed in nature inside our 10,000 sqm native forest.










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We are perfectly situated for families who live, work near, or commute through Manukau, Manurewa, Flat Bush, Takanini, Gardens, Mission Heights, Ormiston,  Pukekohe,  Karaka, Papakura, Drury, Papatoetoe, Waiuku and Pokeno.

View our 'photo gallery', and see extracts from international publications where founders Dr Darius Singh and Nikeeta Singh were invited to present at:

  • International Conference for Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, November 2018,
  • International Conference for Future Learning, Barcelona, December 2018,
  • World Forum on Early Care and Education, Macao, April 2019,
  • AGU100 - Advancing Earth and Space Sciences, Engaging Preschool Kids in Earth and Space Science, USA, Dec 2019,

about our Gaia (Earth) Inspired Education to learn and see more of what our latest creation childcare centre will look and feel like. We have also published a summary of their international publication GAIA (EARTH) INSPIRED EDUCATION PRINCIPLES – A JOURNEY BACK TO THE FUTURE.

We are proud to be the first childcare centre in the world to deliver a fully immersed Gaia (Earth) based approach right across the spectrum from Earth inspired buildings, environments, operations, values, curriculum & outcomes for children.


Gaia (Earth) inspired Forest playground:

  • boost your child's well-being with essential Vitamin 'N' (Nature).
  • a genuine Forest Kindy / Bush Kindy / Nature Programme inspired by the Friluftsliv (open air) way of life in Scandinavia.
  • 10,000 sqm of NZ native forest to explore and play in each day;
  • beautiful and calming forest entrance walkway through our Nikau palm grove as you drop off and pick up from the carpark;
  • shallow streams throughout the property for our teachers and your child to discover and explore new life and changing scenes each day;
  • almost every NZ native species of trees is here to see, learn from, play around, and look after;
  • huge mud slide using our harvested rainwater for your preschooler to .... well you know the rest!

Gaia (Earth) inspired Bio-phyilic Building:

  • we adopted biomimicry techniques to design a building into the shape of a single leaf;
  • the building itself soars off the ground on tree hut style supports, like a leaf reaching out to touch the sky;
  • solar cells along the leaf veins of the roof (i.e. a living, breathing, self powered building that mimics life-giving photosynthesis functions of a simple leaf);
  • rainwater harvesting (i.e. modelling Earth's sustainability principles like a lotus leaf does) . This supplies all our non-potable water for outdoor play, gardening, mudslide, laundry, and bathrooms;
  • building foundations deeply rooted like a myriad tree roots growing into the Earth itself;
  • your child will feel what it's like learning, playing, eating & sleeping inside a leaf, with a view of the leaf veins (Nikau palm fronds) from inside each room's ceilings! (a beautiful memory for your child when he/she becomes the next guardian of our world and everyone/everything in it).

Gaia (Earth) inspired curriculum and teachers:

  • Our world class teachers are from Sweden (Forest Kindy trained), UK, South Africa, Philippines, Ireland, Asia, India, Spain, South America, Pacific Islands and of course from all over NZ. A uniquely genuine and authentic learning experience for your child from cultures all around the world.
  • Our early childhood education (ECE) curriculum follows the world class development - proven for over 20 years by the New Zealand Ministry of Education  - known as Te Whāriki;
  • The way we deliver this is inspired by existing philosophies of Nature based, Forest preschool, Reggio, Montessori, Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber's Educarer, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and Friluftsliv (open air) Scandinavian approaches for teaching and learning as we deepen and connect all of these approaches with common ground principles of Gaia (Earth) itself;
  • Your child will naturally absorb learning outcomes that will always find a way (like life itself) to connect with, show respect for, or see evidence in Nature via our environment. After all, Earth has been showing all life lessons and outcomes for 4.6 billion years, like "Resilience", "Innovative solutions", "Sustainability", "Balance", "Mutual respect", "Nurture", "Connectedness", "Adaptability", "Guardianship", "Continuous Improvement", "Perseverance", "Unhurried processes" ...

We want your child to be naturally connected to all of these ways of life every day by simply being here.


Due to our nation-wide lockdowns in 2020 and Auckland lockdowns in 2021 to-date, construction, material supply, logistics etc have all been delayed and a backlog exists to meet other high demand housing and construction projects in Auckland. Therefore our opening has been delayed to early 2022.

We are continually receiving emails of interest in securing a place, pre-enrolments, tours, & visits from parents and communities all over Auckland. Our enrolment intake is now OPEN and you can contact us for a parent pack below.

Contact Gaia (Earth) Forest Preschool New Zealand (49 Grande Vue Rd, Hill Park, near Auckland Botanic Gardens)

Phone: 0508 PRESCHOOL
Address: OPENING EARLY 2022
49 Grande Vue Rd, Hill Park (near Auckland Botanic Gardens with northern motorway on-ramp 500m away)

Northbound commuters: Exit at the Takanini off ramp, travel 5 minutes to Gaia (Earth) Preschool, then easily rejoin the motorway on ramp 500m away to continue your commute to Manukau or Auckland CBD.
Southbound commuters to Manukau: We are 6 minutes from Rainbows End.

Perfectly situated for families who live, work near, or commute through Hill Park, Manukau, Manurewa, Flat Bush, Gardens, Ormiston, Mission Heights, Takanini, Pukekohe, Drury, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Karaka, Waiuku and Pokeno.
Hours: Mon- Fri 7am - 6pm