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Childcare like you've never seen before in our popular center located on Khyber Pass Rd, between Newmarket and Auckland CBD (Perfect for families who live, commute through or work near Auckland CBD, Albany, Epsom, Grafton, Greenlane, Khyber Pass Rd, Mt Eden, Newmarket, North Shore, One Tree Hill, Remuera, Takapuna, Three Kings)

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Amazing Parent support with dozens of testimonials each year!!

Gaia (Earth) based Education Principle talk feedback: I loved your presentation and the great work that you all including teachers, parents and children are doing in your centers. I think the Gaia approach is a great example for children and adults that gives evidence on how it is possible to live without destroying our unique planet. Thanks for your presentation Best wishes

- Dr. Stefania Amici, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Honorary Visiting Researcher at the University of Manchester, UK

I was so intrigued by your work in NZ and would like to learn more. I have shared your vision with many here as well, about your innovative approach to both building and programming.

- Professor C. Croft, Executive Director, Center for Inclusive Child Care, Concordia University, USA

I wanted you to know that I have told several people about your work and your presentation (at ICERI) since I've returned. I often find myself thinking about your statement regarding the earth taking care of itself. I do hope that you'll keep in touch and I hope one day we'll figure out a way to work together

- Dr A. Bailey, Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota, USA

Both my kids went to Milky Way Childcare and I have to say I am absolutely sure I made the right choice for them. They were well taken care of and I felt as though all the teachers were very loving and affectionate towards all kids. Thank you Milky Way and all the lovely staff for being there for my kids !

- Mrs K Chandrasekar (MUM)

The first few years for a child are the most important of any kids life and this centre sets the right learning path for them. Both my kids enjoy Milky Way. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and have a smile on every time I have met them no matter what their day has been. The centre manager, has been doing a great job at bringing in new activities and teaching the kids new skills. Thank you Milky Way for making me feel like my kids are loved and cherished even when I could not be around. Keep rocking...

- Mrs R Ravi (MUM)

Thank you for creating an exciting environment for our 2 boys. They are safe, nurtured and educated by the lovely team at Milky Way. We have really noticed a big difference with our 2.5 year old. His speech and understanding of the world has improved so much in the space of 4 months! Our 8 month old's eyes beam when he see's his primary caregivers. He cant talk but actions speak louder than words and I'm so happy to see his reaction as he lunges forward to them excitedly. We cannot thank you enough for taking care of our boys.

- Mr A Morar & Mrs S Patel (PARENTS)

When I chose a daycare for my daughter I first picked Milky Way based on convenience of location - right near work. But I quickly grew to learn just how exemplary Milky Way is... 1. My daughter LOVES going there. This past Sunday she put on her shoes, walked to the front door and said “Milky Way” (she is 18 months old). 2. The teachers/carers are absolute angels! As well as caring for our little ones like their own, they care for/take genuine interest in the parents too, asking about our weekends/day at work/night of sleep (or lack of!). 3. They do fun things the whole family can come to! In the 6 months my daughter has been there, we’ve had a Christmas evening (complete with Santa and gifts), a Mother’s Day morning tea (with Nana and aunts) and a weekend open day. 4. They record progress and activities in a learning journal which is a joy to’s hard going from being with our bubbas 24/7 to 8 hour stretches of no contact, so this helps to fill in those gaps. They are also happy for parents to pop in during the day if so inclined. 5. There is lots for the children to do, whether it’s playing in the sandpit, swinging/sliding/climbing on the playground, drawing at the writing table, role playing with toys, reading books or making topical cards/paintings. 6. They provide nutritious lunches and snacks - I very much appreciate not having to pack another lunch in our already busy mornings! 7. The facility is fully fenced and safe and always clean. 8. There is plenty of off-road drop off parking, so you can safely unload without fear of being side-swiped. 9. They keep a journal of when your child has slept during the day, which I found particularly useful when my daughter was younger. 10. I know I’ve already mentioned it but above all else, it’s the amazing TEACHERS who really make Milky Way the daycare I am happy and relaxed to drop my daughter off to each day.

- Mrs A Cupples (MUM)

My husband and I wanted an environment that would be safe, nurturing , educational and close to home. We found what we are looking for and more with Milky Way. The teachers are awesome. They encourage my daughter everyday and help her create a strong sense of self esteem. We are so grateful that our daughter is being cared by people that truly care about her and want to see her succeed in life. Thank you Milky Way!!!

- A. Copino-Ricablanca (MUM)

I have noticed a big improvement in (my boy's) personality and behaviour since he has joined Milky Way. The team are doing a fantastic job and i am learning their approach to apply at home as well which is great as we are seeing an improvement in his behaviour at home as well. They have worked hard to give him the language he needs to express his feelings and his language is advancing fast!

- Mrs N Bahr (MUM)

I have no words to express how much my son and I feel welcomed at Milky Way. The staff are so warm and loving and they make us feel at home. My son wakes up in the morning and always wants to go to Milky Way. The manager is a wonderful teacher herself and takes a lot of care herself in settling children. I really appreciate the time she puts in to settle my son and help him in understanding English language.

- Mrs P. Li (MUM)

It has been a great ride for all of us at Milky Way. (My daughter) totally enjoyed her time. I have seen her blossom while there. Very happy with the amount of skills, friendship and knowledge she has picked up from all of you guys.vI can say confidently, that she enjoyed the company of each and every teacher in Milky Way. So keep up the good work on hiring the right kind of staff for Milky Way ? How can I forget the amazing food she enjoys there… she loves your food more than mine! ? Anyway, just wanted to write a note about what an awesome experience this has been for all of us. Thanks a ton for everything

- Mrs B Ravi (MUM)

Milky Way has certainly helped my son to evolve into a kind, caring, confident kid. Was always delighted to see friendly staff at Milky Way. They have also helped him to socialise and develop the sharing and caring attitude. He is ready and is very much excited to start his school which I believe is the group effort of us parents and Milky Way. Last but not least good communication and updates well in advance and KidReports app is awesome in posting and sharing updates and learning stories of the children. Thank you so much Milky Way for giving our son a thorough platform to face the future.

- S Matthew & R Kurian (DAD & MUM)

Hi Milky Way Team, I remember the feeling when I dropped off (my son) at Milky Way before heading towards my office. It was a mixed feeling of ‘Would (he) manage to settle in’, ‘Will he eat his meals’, ‘Will he be able to make friends’ ‘ Oh no.. English is not his first language’, ‘will he get some naps during the day’, ‘Have I done a terrible thing leaving (him) to the daycare so soon’, ‘Am I a good mom pushing him to adjust (to) new surroundings’, ‘I hope (he) stops crying soon after I left’ etc.. etc.. and thousands other thoughts !!! Fast forward 6 months, and today; situation is changed dramatically. (My son) is very happy at Milky Way. He already started communicating in English confidently. He has already made some good friends. He eats his meals and gets some sleep in the nap time. He is enjoying all the activities carried out at Milky Way. He is reluctant to move out when I go to pick him up in the evening. Such a peace of mind for me and hubby ? This is all because of the great team at Milky Way … I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you. Thanks a lot for taking such a good care of him. You have a big influence on him. ? You have very good centre management, managing kids and parents requirements all the time, keeping us posted about the centre and child progress. I have seen the staff going an extra mile to support the team….kudos to you all and your dedication towards the centre. ? The new staff are also very warm and welcoming. (My son) specially enjoys (their) stories and Japanese character sounds. ? Thanks to (your chef) for making such delicious meals for the kids all the time, with a big bright smile. ? I cant even start to express how grateful I am, towards all of you. You have made my son settle in, not only in Milky Way, but in New Zealand culture too. I would re-iterate: a big big THANK YOU to all of you

- Mrs J Bhadauria (MUM)

My daughter is a lot happier at Milky Way centre than she was in her previous day care. Both of us love the staff here cause they make us feel very comfortable and welcomed.

- Mrs B Ravi (MUM)

It was a pleasure to visit Milky Way Early Learning Centre yesterday. Congratulations to the wonderful team, they created an exciting environment where families and friends can feel part of that service. I admired how children were confident and competent in their own learning. The wall displays captured what has happened at the service each day. WELL DONE!!!!

- Telusila Jordan (ECE Advisor) , Ministry of Education

I would like to thank all your team and you, Kim, personally for the perfect job you’ve done! Thanks to your amazing effort (my daughter) felt very comfortable in the new environment, she was always happy to visit the centre, as if she had known you for ages. It’s especially important as we were completely new to the country, and she hardly spoke a word in English. I would also like to note how amazingly (my daughter) progressed in English. Just in 4 months she began speaking with short phrases in English, and after just one week at school her teacher says that she understands everything and does very well. They invited the teacher of English as a foreign language to talk to (my daughter), and that teacher also expressed her admiration to me about (my daughter’s) English skills. (My daughter) now reads short words and understands sounds well. She counts in English to 20 without any additional effort and seems to be quite comfortable both in school and in the after school care where other children are older than she is. So, I would like to express my gratitude to the Milky Way team from our family – your first graduate is doing just fine. She often talks about her centre and she definitely misses all of you!

- Ms K Nesmyelova, (MUM)

I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy. Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done. Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals.

- Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd

Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial our online Bud-e reading program with the children and your amazing teachers today! We so enjoyed every minute and are thrilled with the children’s positive response. Please thank Nikeeta and the teachers for their time and enthusiasm. They are clearly passionate about the children in the centre, the environment and the children’s education. You must have some very happy families in your community.

- Tracy (Director, Global Education Systems) and the Bud-e Team

Milky Way has amazing teachers! My two year old has started going to Milky Way about a couple of months ago. This was his first early learning centre and everyone at Milky Way has made sure that he is settled in quickly. I have no doubts my son would continue to learn and have super fun at the centre. My wife and I would like to thank everyone at Milky Way for making this easier for us as well. We now don’t worry even for a second and in fact look forward to dropping off our kid at the centre knowing that he is in the best hands possible!

- H. Veldandi – (MUM)

Thank you very much for creating such an happy environment for M to play and live. We really appreciate your cool ideas of decorating their play area with family photos and your tender care for M in last few months. He has become more independent than before ?

- J. Sun – (MUM)

I am so happy that I decided to move my daughter to Milky Way. Its only been around 2 weeks and she is already saying ‘ I want to be here forever!’. That just goes to show how comfortable she is already and clearly shows the staff are very caring. Milky way does provide a clean and safe environment for the kids and best of all they have plenty of new and interesting toys for the kids to play with

- R. Ravi (DAD)

The children come home with lots of stories about their day, and are always excited to go back. For a Mum, it’s the best of both worlds, the children are happy and well cared for, and I can pop in at any point of the day; have lunch with them, read them a story…. Having them at Milky Way has helped to bring more balance into my working day, previously I didn’t really take any breaks. Now I pop over, see the kids and come back refreshed. Having them there has been even better than I expected

- S. Thompson (MUM)

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