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Childcare like you've never seen before in our popular centre located in Otumoetai, Tauranga (Perfect for families who live, commute through or work near Bellevue, Bethlehem, Brookfield, Cameron Rd, Central Tauranga, Cherrywood, Greerton, Judea, Matua, Ngatai Rd, Pillans Point, and Waihi Rd)

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Amazing Parent and Community support with over 60 glowing testimonials!!

I've heard wonderful things about Fern Garden childcare centre here in Tauranga and I would love to arrange a visit with my mother.

- Ms T Kelly, MUM

We have heard excellent things about your daycare (we live in Matua) but are aware there may not be space. If there is space we are happy to fill out an enrolment and come to visit ASAP.

- Libby (Mum) June 2021

Absolutely amazing centre who helped our daughter with autism to gain further language skills and social skills in preparation for school. They made us and her feel comfortable within the centre, and were willing to try different ways of interacting/assisting our daughter as she learned and played., while allowing her to be her own person, and explore the various toys, routines and learning that Fern Garden offers. I cannot recommend this centre highly enough! Thank you, Fern Garden staff!

- Mr. R. Campbell (CENTRE DAD)

COVID recovery June 2020: What you are doing to support the families by offering 0% and 50% fees is amazing! I'm sure we're not alone in saying that we very much appreciate it. Thank you.

- Ms M Ewan (CENTRE MUM)

We became the proud owners of our very first home today. Thank you so much for all your support.

- Teaching Colleague, Chrysalis Family of Early Learning Centres

It was a very tough year, however you were still a stand out and the practices you have implemented show you're a great employer. We liked that your employees believe in your philosophy and have the same passion as you do.

- Judges' comments, 2019 Westpac Business Awards, FINALIST EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR

Gaia (Earth) based Education Principle talk feedback: I loved your presentation and the great work that you all including teachers, parents and children are doing in your centers. I think the Gaia approach is a great example for children and adults that gives evidence on how it is possible to live without destroying our unique planet. Thanks for your presentation Best wishes

- Dr. Stefania Amici, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Honorary Visiting Researcher at the University of Manchester, UK

I was so intrigued by your work in NZ and would like to learn more. I have shared your vision with many here as well, about your innovative approach to both building and programming.

- Professor C. Croft, Executive Director, Center for Inclusive Child Care, Concordia University, USA

I wanted you to know that I have told several people about your work and your presentation (at ICERI) since I've returned. I often find myself thinking about your statement regarding the earth taking care of itself. I do hope that you'll keep in touch and I hope one day we'll figure out a way to work together

- Dr A. Bailey, Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota, USA

Hi there, I came and had a look at your beautiful preschool with my daughter (...) back in July and just wondered if you had any availability? We will be relocating from Christchurch over the school holidays.

- Mrs K Tonks

B is this your daughters preschool? It's absolutely beautiful! What a magical space ?

- Ms E. Overdevest (Visitor)

This is the absolutely favorite place from our little one. Amazing teachers, perfect, safe play and learn environment. Your little one gets a morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack and all healthy . There is no better place for my little one , where she is safe and looked after during my work. Thanks Fern garden. You're the best!!!

- Mrs S Müller (MUM)

We love this place, has a great family feel, have been apart of this great family for 6 years now. Safe place with awesome teachers. I don't have to worry about food as all provided and know my boy is getting a good meal. Great learning environment and my boy feels comfortable with all the teachers which is great because he spends most of his time here and i know he is well looked after while i am at work. Wouldn't want my kids to go anywhere else.

- Mrs T Limmer (MUM)

(Our daughter) is absolutely loving it there and doesn’t want to leave most days. We are very happy at how well (she) is being looked after. Its a good peace in mind for me knowing we have chosen a great place ?

- Ms C Waite (MUM)

From day 1 (our son) has settled in very well with all the friendly teachers and kids he met. He always speaks about Fern Garden and was never unhappy. As parents we are happy and have enjoyed (our son’s) development. Thank you very much for everything. I loved the interaction with Fern Garden

- Ms S Pieterse (MUM)

I understand you have no places available for under2’s. If this changes in the next few weeks please get in touch. Thanks, it was great to come and visit I was very impressed with your outdoor area

- S Nesdal (MUM)

Awesome Daycare! (my son) is the well adjusted and sociable little boy he is because of going to Fern Garden

- A & N Hogan (MUM & DAD)

(My son) had a great time at Fern Garden. He was challenged by the wonderful outdoor area and always enjoyed the wide variety of stimulating activities that I saw every morning. We will all miss your lovely staff

- Graeme and Eveline (DAD & MUM)

I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy. Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done. Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals.

- Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd

Thank you for all your help and support I am very grateful for everything you and the staff have done for (my son) we really appreciate it

- April S (MUM)

Both my children loved their time at Fern Garden and miss all the staff

- Ruth T (MUM)

Thanks to all your teachers for their patience with (my daughter), taught her a new language and a lot of pretty things that she can do now!

- Alba A (MUM)

I would like to thank (your team), for looking after (my daughter). Teachers made her very content, which showed every day. I would recommend to anyone that Fern Garden is a great place for your kids!

- Matt B (DAD)

The teachers at Fern Garden are awesome, and I have appreciated the flexibility of (my son’s) hours

- Genelle L (MUM)

During his time at Fern Garden, (my son) has grown confident in his abilities to express who he is as an individual. He has loved your friendly, smiley faced staff and cant wait to come visit you again. Thank you Fern Garden!

- Christine B (MUM)

(The centre’s winning invention) demonstrates impressive collaboration between children, centre staff and parents….incorporating an effective blend of service and technology supporting a child’s learning

- CEO of NZ Business Excellence Foundation, Ministry of Education representative, President of NZ Early Childhood Council, (Judges of the 2013 ECC / Telecom Innovation Award – awarded to Chrysalis’ sister centres in May 2013)

As a teacher I find Roots & Shoots has a lot to offer the sector that has been missing up until now. I am new to the centre and therefore the software but I love the way it allows us to connect with parents directly via email and they can see Learning Stories as soon as they are posted. I like that stories are ‘living’ documents through this. The metaphor of a tree is a lovely natural way to view Early Childhood and fits well with our philosophy at Fern Garden. It clearly allows us to identify children’s strengths and areas of growth. In that way it makes my life as a teacher much easier. I’ve also been able to look back and link stories together as they are easily accessible and right in front of me when I’m on the computer writing a new story. I love this framework of displaying and sharing learning stories

- Jen (Fully Registered Teacher)

Your staff have been awesome in settling my girls into Fern Garden

- Tahnee B (MUM)

"Thank you and all the very lovely and wonderful staff at Fern Garden for making (my daughter’s) time there so special and welcoming. I have never had an issue with dropping her off there, and as it is full days she is doing – I think that is very amazing. In fact she is always happy if she makes it to being the last one there! Your website and Roots and Shoots is just brilliant and so informative – especially for working mums like myself. I don’t feel like I miss out on as much as I do with all the lovely stories and photos. (She) always leaves Fern Garden with a smile on her face and a wonderful little story to tell and she has made some very special friends. All in all it has been a very supportive and educating environment for (her) and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Good luck with the Telecom innovation awards, Fern Garden is a very deserving winner in my opinion"

- Karen (MUM)

"As grandparents living a long way from our precious grandchildren (we’re in Australia), access to the children’s learning stories has been absolutely wonderful. Seeing their photos and reading the stories is brilliant. Thank you for this"

- J & H Briedahl (GRANDPARENTS)

What a shame you can’t fit both (my girls) in now but anyway I will find some care for them until March because I still really like your centre and have heard great things about your fresh food, excellent care and lots of stimulation

- Tahnee (new MUM)

I logged in and read (my niece’s) new stories, and my absolute favourite is the shredded paper play session. I want to have a go rolling around, it looks like fun!

- Jaimie (AUNT)

We went this morning for our first transition session and (our daughter) had a great time!

- Grace (MUM)

Thank you for the regular updates for (my children) via your website. It’s awesome seeing the effort and care that Fern Garden puts into our children

- Mr A Bickford (DAD)

We LOVE Fern Garden!! Also, we are loving the video clips on your secured online portfolios. I plug our ipad into our TV and (my son) wants “No more monkeys” over and over…. he loves it!!

- Mrs A Wheatcroft (MUM)

"My son enjoys his time at Fern Garden, often referring to who he played with and what he has been up to during the day. The homely environment and focus on a child’s individual development has helped immensely with the little boy that he has become during his time at Fern Garden"

- Teresa C (MUM)

"Both (my children) have attended Fern Garden during their pre-school years. It was reassuring to know that the majority of the teachers have been there a long time. Employees that are happy in their work place will reflect on the atmosphere, obviously lower staff turnaround was also great for my children’s emotional security."


(My son) has learnt to interact with other children well and developed the confidence to be away from his parents. His sentence structure has developed immensely

- Mrs T Anderson (MUM)

"I now have the correct user name and password and can see (my grandson’s) stories. Fabulous work you guys, it’s great to have a glimpse of what my grandson does at preschool"

- Ruth, (GRANDMA)

"I’m absolutely loving your new teacher!! She is awesome … and its nice to have another young enthusiastic face in the centre to join the others who I think are awesome too. She brings an awesome vibe into the centre with her welcoming smile & greeting every day!! Also (my son) has been bringing the most impressive art work home that she has been helping him do. Very impressed ?"

- Lorna-Mae (MUM)

Your staff are amazing and your centre is run very well. I will always praise Fern Garden if anyone is wondering which place to send their child to

- Mrs M Pask (MUM)

Both my girls are really enjoying Fern Garden and I am really happy with their care. Your staff are just wonderful!

- Ms C Osborne (MUM)

Thank you for all the support you have given our girls. They have loved going to Fern Garden

- Mrs P Stenhouse (MUM)

Hi Nikeeta, I just LOVE getting emails to say (my son) has new learning stories posted, so to have 4 new ones is very exciting!!!

- Mrs A Wheatroft (MUM)

A useful and innovative framework for documenting children’s learning, interests, next steps and life contexts, which includes child and parent voice

- Education Review Office, Fern Garden Preschool (Tauranga)

Dear Teachers, Thank you for inviting us to your trip to (Te Puna) Quarry Park. It was lovely to see how well the children interacted with the staff. A special thank you to the teachers for ensuring such a well timed and organised morning ran so smoothly ?

- Elizabeth M (MUM)

"The parents in Fern Garden are the most active of all our service’s customers. This is definitely driven by the new owners. Nikeeta and Darius are very committed to partner with parents, communicate and share. This is exactly what we hoped would happen"

- Nimo Namaani, Director, Growing Kiwis Ltd (developers of Fern Garden's original 2010 website)

"Thanks so much for helping (my son) settle in so well at the centre"

- Karyn (MUM)

"You have a really awesome way of sharing and communicating kids’ stories!! Very impressed"

- Anthea (MUM)

"Thank you and the teachers for your personal attention and care for my children"

- Anaru (DAD)

"Absolutely love reading (my child’s) learning stories!! I am so happy with everything at daycare. He is learning so much – I love all the songs he comes home singing. He went to his Great Aunts 50th birthday last weekend & said the Karakia in front of approx 50 people before they ate. Everybody was amazed & wanted to know where he had learnt it – his confidence is just amazing. Thank you so so much you are all doing an amazing job & it shows in our Tamariki ?"

- Lorna-Mae (MUM)

Fantastic learning stories… (My child) loves Fern Garden because of all the wonderful creations encouraged by the wonderful staff. Thank you for your diligent approach

- Lara (MUM)

"I cannot express how happy I am that (both my sons) had the chance to go to Fern Garden. When (my eldest son) first came to Fern Garden, it didn’t take long before he formed a close circle of friends and interacted well with everyone. The teachers are very friendly and great at communicating and involving the parents. I believe you have a very balanced structure and your various activities, games, mat times, music times create a fantastic atmosphere for kids development. Thanks again!!"

- Nyree (MUM)

"Thank you for providing (my son) with excellent care during his time with you and your wonderful staff at Fern Garden. We really appreciate the warm and professional atmosphere that is maintained…"

- Kim and John (MUM & DAD)

I understand you have no places available for under2’s. If this changes in the next few weeks please get in touch. Thanks, it was great to come and visit I was very impressed with your outdoor area

- S Nesdal (MUM)

"(Our daughter) is absolutely loving it there and doesn’t want to leave most days. We are very happy at how well (she) is being looked after. Its a good peace in mind for me knowing we have chosen a great place"

- Ms C Waite (MUM)

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