Roots & Shoots

Our award-winning, online and patented learning outcomes visualisation tool that gives your Child a head start in school

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1) it’s a clever Kiwi invention

(and like most brilliant ideas in life, it’s simple too)

2) it mimics nature

(a clever problem solving process called “biomimicry” which looks at the result of millions of years of nature’s evolutions, trials,  patterns and perfections for inspiration to solve today’s technical problems),

3) it’s popular

(every parent and teacher who has seen this, LOVES WHAT THIS MEANS FOR THEIR CHILD!),

4) it has a following around the world

(hundreds of centres in NZ (and soon other countries) are licensing our technology via an advanced parent portal called Kid Reports!!)

Award winning learning outcomes in our popular preschool in Otumoetai, Blockhouse Bay, Tauranga, Auckland CBD, West Auckland, Newmarket, Manurewa, South Auckland


What if you could give your Child a unique advantage by identifying their learning trends and developing interests and skills as early and as accurately as possible??

Our clever little Kiwi invention lets you “visualise” your child’s entire learning history and learning directions – all on one evolving ”live” Roots and ShootsTM diagram.

The model is based on a clever analogy that:

“Roots” are the invisible part of a tree that:

  • are hidden within (i.e. just like hidden potential, interests, skills, etc in your child)

  • absorb nutrients (i.e. just like learning from teachers, family and the environment)

  • hold the foundations steady for growth of the entire tree


“Shoots” are the visible part that:

  • reveal the fruits, flowers, leaves, branches

  • show which directions the skills and learning are growing in for your child.


Our parents can log in to view their child’s entire portfolio of learning stories and learning outcomes in ONE SINGLE VIEW OF A LEARNING TREE. Presently, learning stories written by teachers in preschool, daycare, kindergarten, or childcare centres are printed and filed in a hard copy folder for your child and you to view, or you may already have a parent portal or e-portfolio (like Educa, Story Park etc etc) which is accessible online for you and your family to view. But in addition to having learning stories that link the learning to curriculum outcomes, our teachers can do what no other centre or teacher can (without our patented and exclusive technology) and that is to visualise all interests and developing skills in your child’s entire preschool learning journey in a single online view of a Learning Tree as shown alongside.

Our clever little Kiwi invention “Roots and ShootsTM” is only accessible through our own invented parent portal.

Best innovation award & popular learning outcomes Roots & Shoots in our childcare centres in Newmarket, West Auckland, Otumoetai, Tauranga, Blockhouse Bay, Manurewa, South Auckland

What do people think of Roots & Shoots?

Roots & ShootsTM is an award-winning, online and patented technology that gives our centre parents a unique and exclusive advantage to visualise their Child’s learning progress literally “growing” on branches of their Child’s live learning tree. See what people are saying about it below…

“Learning Roots & Shoots is an amazing concept. The colour coordinated roots makes seeing (my son’s) strengths and development areas instantly from the clusters of leaves or the absence of leaves on the shoots.”
– Mrs Werner (centre parent)

“You have a really awesome way of sharing and communicating kids’ stories! Very impressed.”
– Mrs Wheatcroft (centre parent)

“A useful and innovative framework for documenting children’s learning, interests, next steps and life contexts, which includes child and parent voice.”
– Education Review Office

“Roots & Shoots makes my life as a teacher much easier. I can look back and link stories together as they are easily accessible and right in front of me when I’m on the computer writing a new story.”
– Mrs Spencer, Fully Registered Teacher

“This innovation demonstrates impressive collaboration between children, centre staff and parents…incorporating an effective blend of service and technology supporting a child’s learning.”
– Judging panel
(President of the NZ Early Childhood Council,
CEO of NZ Business Excellence Foundation,
Ministry of Education,
and Telecom Senior Executives)

Best innovation in our day care centre for families near Otumoetai, Tauranga, Newmarket, West Auckland, Manurewa, Auckland CBD, Blockhouse Bay, South Auckland

WINNING INVENTION IN THE 2013 NZ EARLY CHILDHOOD COUNCIL / TELECOM NZ INNOVATION AWARD – Presented to Nikeeta Singh (owner of Chrysalis Group of Early Learning Centres), by Hon. Hekia Parata, Minister of Education at the NZ Early Childhood Council conference on 25 May 2013.