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Question- If my child has an allergy or a special diet, can you cater for this?
Answer – Yes our chefs are trained to cater for children with high allergies, gluten free and dairy free. Chrysalis and Magic Kingdom centres also do not serve any beef or pork and all centres are definitely a nut-free centre!

Question – How does your free transition work?
Answer – We offer two 2 hour FREE complimentary transitions as part of your enrolment. These are scheduled in as close as possible to your child’s start date so both your child and you can get to know the flow of the day and familiarise yourself with everything. We are not too strict on this transition period as some children need only 5 minutes whereas others may need all week! We will work with you FREE of charge during this important process to make this as stress free as possible for your child (and you! ☺).

Question – Can you help my Child to become toilet trained?
Answer – Yes of course we support you with toilet training your Child, as we understand this is an ongoing journey which requires respectful and consistent support between our partnership of home and centre.

Question – When can my child come back to the centre if he/she has had a fever or gastro bug?
Answer – With fever it’s 24 hours, and gastro bug it’s 48 hours in keeping with Ministry of Health guidelines and our Health and Safety Policy, caring about your child and all our other children in the centre.

Question – Do you close during school holidays?
Answer – No, we are open every day except public holidays.

Question – What is the best age / month to enrol?
Answer – We support the Ministry of Education’s policy for early participation into ECE and therefore we encourage enrolling as soon as possible, as we strongly believe that participation in our special environment boosts all our (0-5 year old) children’s social, language and resilience capabilities for later on in school and life.

Preschool graduates from our kindergartens in Auckland CBD, Otumoetai, Blockhouse Bay, Newmarket, Tauranga, West Auckland, Manurewa, South Auckland



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