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A warm welcome to you, your whanau and your Child to the most inspirational, innovative and imaginative ECE centres ever seen.

As a tip, due to the high demand for placements in our centres, please call ahead to make an appointment so we can arrange a tour for you and show you either busiest meal times or busy arrival/pickup times or more relaxed mid-morning/mid-afternoon times.

During the tour you will be able to:

  • Walk around and see us in action
  • Meet our dream team of teachers
  • Discuss any particular aspirations for your child
  • See how our award winning and patented Learning Roots and Shoots┬« system works to give your child a unique and exclusive advantage in getting ready for school
  • Find out how to secure a place for your child.


Or, to jump ahead of the queue, you can simply click a centre below to complete the online enquiry form, for an enrolment information pack.

COMING SOON …. Due to our high reputation and sometimes long waiting lists, we have many families who enrol directly, many months ahead of time, from out of town, and even from overseas as part of their preparation to relocate or migrate to one of our nearby suburbs. So to make this easier for parents who cant easily pop in, we will be able to take you through an online tour of our centres via a “360┬░ Virtual Tour”.