Gaia (Earth) Preschool New Zealand

A real Forest Kindy and so much more... World's first childcare centre fully inspired by the "Gaia (Earth) Education Principle" (i.e. Earth inspired building designs, environments, values, curriculum, & outcomes for children). Founded by Nikeeta and Dr Darius Singh, Directors of the Chrysalis Group, their Gaia (Earth) inspired approach in Early Childhood Education has been published and presented at international forums in Europe (2018), Sweden (2018), Asia (2019), and the largest International Earth and Space Science conference in the world (Dec 2019 in USA). This is truely "childcare like you've never seen before".

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Contact Gaia (Earth) Preschool New Zealand (Manurewa (near Botanic Gardens), South Auckland)

Phone: 0508 PRESCHOOL
Address: 49 Grande Vue Rd,
Manurewa (near Botanic Gardens),
South Auckland
Hours: Mon- Fri 7am - 6pm