Fern Garden Preschool

Childcare like you've never seen before in our popular centre located in Otumoetai, Tauranga (Perfect for families who live, commute through or work near Bellevue, Bethlehem, Brookfield, Cameron Rd, Central Tauranga, Cherrywood, Greerton, Judea, Matua, Ngatai Rd, Pillans Point, and Waihi Rd)

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Find out why we won the top award in Tauranga for sustainability - Our Excellence in Sustainable Business Award.
When we were in lockdown, our friend Nee Naw created a special zoom party just for Fern Garden children, teachers and families.
Watch a brief live interview on TV3’s AM Show of our co-founder and director, Dr Darius Singh, about our new Gaia (Earth) Education Philosophy, Principles and Practices, which he and Nikeeta were invited to speak about at the largest Earth and Space Science conference in the world (Dec 2019, USA).

Why Choose Us?

  • We wanted a “home away from home” feeling for you and your Child – that’s what a husband & wife team, Nikeeta (qualified teacher with over 20 years' experience in ECE teaching in NZ) and Dr Darius Singh (former NZ university professor in Engineering & Technology Management), who both have 3 generations of teaching history in their respective families, have created for you and your child - a luxurious and award winning centre, where we can focus all our attention and care on our 12 Babies, 19 Toddlers & 19 Preschoolers, right here in Otumoetai, Tauranga (PLEASE NOTE: Due to popular demand, in November 2021 we expanded our buildings and Ministry of Education license by 25% to 50 places. We operate on a first come first served basis, so enrol ASAP to secure a magical experience for your Child with us before waitlists as long as 2 years come about again. Please contact us below);
  • We wanted to be the most preferred and popular childcare centre in town – and that's the recognition we have now received from multi-national and local businesses who actively recommend us as their preferred ECE provider for their staff childcare needs;
  • We wanted you and your Child to be awe-inspired every day – so we designed our own "personal meanings" and "messages of hope" and "wow factors" throughout our Tauranga centre.
    For example (also see our "blog" for a unique insight of our "Behind the scenes" thinking and planning):
  1. "infinity forest" projected on our backyard fence,Popular top daycare for kids in a fun playground and getting the best start near Matua, Cherrywood, Pillans Point, Ngatai Rd, Otumoetai, Bellevue, Central Tauranga, Judea, Bethlehem, Cameron Rd, Waihi Rd, Greerton, Brookfield
  2. giant indoor fern tree to read, play or sleep inside,
  3. peaceful music & soft twinkling starlight in our cot rooms where we project a life-like replica of the night sky onto the ceiling so your baby can sleep under the stars (!),
  4. generously spacious play areas,
  5. our own trademarked “play-garden®” concept,
  6. rain or shine covered large outdoor playground,
  7. imagination room....
  • We wanted to give your Child the best head start for school – so we invented and patented an award winning "Learning Roots & ShootsTM" online system that shows learning outcomes for your child growing on their personalised Learning Tree;
  • We wanted you to feel proud that you are sending your Child to the best Preschool, Daycare, Kindergarten or Childcare Centre in NZ – so we worked hard to earn a Multi Award Winning status for Fern Garden and its sister centres, with over 12 nationally recognised awards & accolades since we started in 2010 in areas of play space design, teaching leadership, innovation, sustainability, & our popular "Learning Roots and ShootsTM" online system;
  • We wanted the best teachers for your Child – so we attract and hire the best, then we train with our best, with our very own Curriculum Manager and Development Manager who support our teachers' registration portfolios, curriculum planning, mentoring, and constantly ensure the highest quality outcomes for children are being achieved. We have become a sought after centre by teachers wanting to grow, experience and develop their careers, and as such, we only work with leaders and teachers who are equally passionate about our shared philosophies, values and vision for "lifting aspirations" and "messages of hope" in early childhood education;
  • We wanted to put your Child on the steepest trajectory of hope and possibilities in life – so we invested heavily to create "never seen before" innovative features in our environment, and teaching & learning programmes to give your Child the best head start we possibly can;
  • We wanted our Teachers to feel valued and empowered so they can give your Child their best every day – that's why we invest back into professional development of our teaching teams so they can continue to learn and deliver the latest best practices in early childhood education for your child, you and your family (see the list on our "Our Professional Development" page). We also take care of our colleagues' health insurance, financial support and well-being needs as part of our commitment to offer one of the most attractive Benefits and Care Packages in the industry;
  • We wanted to give your Child our full focus and attention at daycare – so we ensure we have the best Teacher : Child ratios and we operate in the highest band of qualified and experienced teachers from Otumoetai throughout nearby Tauranga suburbs of Bellevue, Bethlehem, Brookfield, Central Tauranga, Cherrywood, Greerton, Judea, Matua, and Pillans Point;
  • We wanted to ensure your Child's nutrition is personally looked after while they are in our care – so we provide diet specific, healthy, nutritious meals every day by either our qualified chef or professional catering service that specialises in ECE centres (see our sample menu and our very own cookbook);
  • We wanted to make all of the above things visible to you every day – and you can tell from our Testimonials page by our Parents, Teachers, & Local Otumoetai Community cheering us on each month, plus we know you will see all of this too when you visit us (contact us below).

Contact Fern Garden Preschool (Otumoetai, Tauranga)

Phone: (07) 576 1976 or Call Free 0508 773 724
Email: childcare@ferngarden.co.nz
Address: 408 Otumoetai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga
Hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm

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