A Māori Language Week Commemoration

by Dr Darius Singh, Founder of Chrysalis Group Early Learning Centres

Celebrating Whānau Day: A Māori Language Week Commemoration

In a vibrant and heartfelt celebration of Māori Language Week, the multi-award-winning Chrysalis Early Learning Centre in Avondale, founded by Dr. Darius Singh and Nikeeta Singh recently hosted a remarkable Whānau Day.

This special event brought together students, their families, and the wider community to embrace and honour Māori culture through a day filled with fun activities, entertainment, and delicious kai.

A Cultural Extravaganza

Chrysalis Care’s Whānau Day was an embodiment of community spirit, and it drew over 300 people from both the centre and the neighbourhood. This sunny day provided a perfect backdrop for families to come together under the shade of a magnificent Pohutukawa tree, basking in the atmosphere of unity and cultural celebration.

The festivities began with a warm mihi whakatau, a traditional Māori welcome, setting the tone for an extraordinary day. From the very start, it was evident that this gathering would be special – a chance to acknowledge the significance of the Māori language and culture

Special Guests Steal the Show

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of two beloved special guests, Suzy Cato and Loopy Tunes. For many, Suzy Cato is a familiar face from childhood, and her presence added an extra layer of nostalgia and joy to the occasion. The children were captivated by her enchanting performance, and parents couldn’t help but join in the fun, reliving cherished memories from their own youth.

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