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Our Award Winning Roots & Shoots ® Invention

We are the inventors of the award winning, online and patented technology that gives our centre parents a unique and exclusive advantage to visualise their child’s learning progress literally “growing” on branches of their child’s live learning tree.

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"Thanks so much for the latest learning story - you have captured (my son) perfectly. It makes us so happy to hear he is thriving. His interests/strengths - learning new things, observing and being able to participate (when he is ready and confident), dinosaurs, building with lego, self play especially with his 'babies' at the moment. Strengths - conversation, talking and explaining things including his observations and feelings, his quiet confidence. Oh and he loves music and dancing! Love to do - being part of things, being included and helping. Doesn't like overwhelming, new environments or people until he feels ready or confident. We would love to see him explore music more if that is what he likes but he really just seems so happy doing what he does at Magic Kingdom already - a bit of everything! You all do a great job with him already, you know him well and don't push him into things he doesn't want to do or is scared of doing. Especially in the morning, we have our routine which works and it helps when you guys invite him to do something like going to help with an activity or he gets to choose a sticker as it helps his anxiety when we leave. Keep doing the great job you are doing."

C Pillie and L Foley (MUM & DAD),

"I would like to thank all your team and you, Kim, personally for the perfect job you’ve done! Thanks to your amazing effort (my daughter) felt very comfortable in the new environment, she was always happy to visit the centre, as if she had known you for ages. It’s especially important as we were completely new to the country, and she hardly spoke a word in English. I would also like to note how amazingly (my daughter) progressed in English. Just in 4 months she began speaking with short phrases in English, and after just one week at school her teacher says that she understands everything and does very well. They invited the teacher of English as a foreign language to talk to (my daughter), and that teacher also expressed her admiration to me about (my daughter’s) English skills. (My daughter) now reads short words and understands sounds well. She counts in English to 20 without any additional effort and seems to be quite comfortable both in school and in the after school care where other children are older than she is. So, I would like to express my gratitude to the Milky Way team from our family – your first graduate is doing just fine. She often talks about her centre and she definitely misses all of you!"

Ms K Nesmyelova, (MUM),

"Many thanks for the invite (to your open day), my wife was very excited to see the finished project. You have all done an amazing job with the building & landscaping. Well done."

Dayle Beuth, Director, Lifestyle Architects,

"Would love to see one out south for my grandchildren"

Ms L Carmont,,

"Magic Kingdom is the first kindy that my son attended and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I was very satisfied with all the teachers there, all of them will always be special for (my son). Leaving (my son) at Magic Kingdom always felt like leaving him in a place where he would be cared for, loved and nurtured. I can say that its been great to be a part of Magic Kingdom and I wish you all the best for the future."

Mrs J Notani (MUM),

"(My son) has learnt to interact with other children well and developed the confidence to be away from his parents. His sentence structure has developed immensely"

Mrs T Anderson (MUM),

"Such a great place, it's like having a big extended family. All the teachers are such caring individuals and do such a great job of looking after and educating our son in a really supportive environment."

Mrs J Bidwell (MUM),

"Hi Nikeeta and Darius…I think this is so new and such an innovative concept in NZ let alone Auckland that you two have created, that it sets the centre apart from others…My son is truly growing into a person that I hoped he would be…thank you to Magic Kingdom, its staff and you guys for that ?"

Ms Wendy Vyas (MUM),

"I read about your new childcare centre on Rosebank road a few months ago and drive past the site everyday, it’s great to see it develop and it looks absolutely amazing, really brilliant"

Grant MacDonald, Creative Director, Hatch Studios Ltd,

""My son enjoys his time at Fern Garden, often referring to who he played with and what he has been up to during the day. The homely environment and focus on a child’s individual development has helped immensely with the little boy that he has become during his time at Fern Garden""

Teresa C (MUM),

"You guys are already doing wonderful work, just keep it going. Your Philosophy, Your Ideas, and most importantly, the Implementation of your ideas is brilliant. Your teachers work very well as a team. The love that they provide to all the children is very much visible and I too can feel it. Brilliant place, it is with a heavy heart that I have to unfortunately take (my son) away from this wonderful environment that he is getting. Please keep going the way you are and please be in touch. I loved this place as much as (my son) did. Thank You For Looking After My Prescious Darling with So Much Of Care and Love. Believe Me, I Do Not See This In Many Places These Days. Magic Kingdom will always have a special place in my heart."

Mrs Kansara (MUM),

""I cannot express how happy I am that (both my sons) had the chance to go to Fern Garden. When (my eldest son) first came to Fern Garden, it didn’t take long before he formed a close circle of friends and interacted well with everyone. The teachers are very friendly and great at communicating and involving the parents. I believe you have a very balanced structure and your various activities, games, mat times, music times create a fantastic atmosphere for kids development. Thanks again!!""

Nyree (MUM),

"Very impressed with the structure of the place"

Ms M Lese (MUM),

"Félicitations de France pour votre prix bien mérité de la part du papa et de la maman de Malvina. Superbe endroit pour les enfants."

Philippe Domar (from France) Chrysalis Childcare (Avondale) & Magic Kingdom Childcare (Blockhouse Bay),

"Milky Way has amazing teachers! My two year old has started going to Milky Way about a couple of months ago. This was his first early learning centre and everyone at Milky Way has made sure that he is settled in quickly. I have no doubts my son would continue to learn and have super fun at the centre. My wife and I would like to thank everyone at Milky Way for making this easier for us as well. We now don’t worry even for a second and in fact look forward to dropping off our kid at the centre knowing that he is in the best hands possible!"

H. Veldandi – (MUM),

"A massive congratulations on being the winner of the Westpac Business Awards West, Best Emerging Business. That is a wonderful achievement. Well done."

Susan Herman, Business Development Manager, Auckland Chamber of Commerce,

"So thank you (team), for all that you have done for (our son) & I know that he will definitely use all that he has learnt at Chrysalis when he goes off to Holy Cross School. You have all played a GREAT part in his life and we're both very grateful!"

Mrs D. Avaiki-Banse (MUM),

"Both my children loved their time at Fern Garden and miss all the staff"

Ruth T (MUM),

"Welcome to our community and very best wishes for your new ECE centre"

Heather Bell, Principal, Rosebank Primary School,

"I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy. Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done. Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals."

Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd,

"We love this place, has a great family feel, have been apart of this great family for 6 years now. Safe place with awesome teachers. I don't have to worry about food as all provided and know my boy is getting a good meal. Great learning environment and my boy feels comfortable with all the teachers which is great because he spends most of his time here and i know he is well looked after while i am at work. Wouldn't want my kids to go anywhere else."

Mrs T Limmer (MUM),

"Hi Meenakshi, it was so lovely to meet you last week and to spend time in your Centre. We all enjoyed your beautiful environment and the friendly, welcoming staff. I loved your move towards a more natural environment and materials. We are very early in our journey with this so it was inspirational to see what you have been working on."


"It’s such a lovely place with lovely people, fresh new and has everything your child could want! fab out door area with native walk and hobbits cave"

Mrs Stacey Murray, (MUM),

"I have seen an artist impression of your very impressive looking new project!! Looking amazing!!"

Bevan Thorn (Director, Playscape -,

"Awesome Daycare! (my son) is the well adjusted and sociable little boy he is because of going to Fern Garden"

A & N Hogan (MUM & DAD),

"The children come home with lots of stories about their day, and are always excited to go back. For a Mum, it’s the best of both worlds, the children are happy and well cared for, and I can pop in at any point of the day; have lunch with them, read them a story…. Having them at Milky Way has helped to bring more balance into my working day, previously I didn’t really take any breaks. Now I pop over, see the kids and come back refreshed. Having them there has been even better than I expected"

S. Thompson (MUM),

"Beautiful center :)"

Mrs B Fox (MUM),

"I am an old Playcentre person, worked in Early Childhood for years, helped establish Home-Based Care and Education with Barnardos over the years, and worked with MSD on the development and implementation of SKIP – so you will understand why your concept captured my heart! Best wishes."

Mrs P Watson (ECE Educator),

"My daughter is a lot happier at Milky Way centre than she was in her previous day care. Both of us love the staff here cause they make us feel very comfortable and welcomed."

Mrs B Ravi (MUM),

"I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy. Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done. Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals."

Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd,

"I have so much to say about your facility. You should all be so proud of yourselves. From Management to Staff Members. For the first time in years I have been beyond satisfied with a facility like Chrysalis. I have 5 children, my middle child currently attends Chrysalis, my husband and I are very happy with the way your Kindy operates. Every single person is friendly and you are always greeted with a smile! The team in your Kindergarten are just AMAZING!!! My son went from a shy, very reserved individual to one who is blossoming and coming out of his little shell and showing his true potential, all thanks to them. We appreciate their hard work and passion to being great teachers to our kids. (J) is just purely amazing! I’m glad my son has another male role model. And your head teacher, she is such a beautiful person who also does an amazing job with the kids. I see why my son and other children enjoy going to Kindy ? Keep up the awesome work Chrysalis! We genuinely appreciate your hard work & passion"

R Frost (MUM),

"Congratulations on the concept and unique thinking behind your new childcare centre, your commitment to the children, the community and the environment both inside and outside of the centre are to be applauded"

Fiona Lawrence, Marketing Manager / Business Development Manager,,

"We are very happy that our daughter goes to this wonderful centre. She has been there over a year now since she was 6 months old. All of the staff are so friendly and caring and the Centre itself is beautiful, spacious and clean with a fantastic outdoor area."

Mrs E Casey (MUM),

"Great daycare, fantastic facilities, Awesome under 2's team!"

Mrs I Sharma (MUM),

"Magic Kingdom has a very nurturing environment and have good resources for the kids. They communicate really well with us and most importantly our son loves his teachers ."

Mr & Mrs R & S Maharaj (MUM & DAD),

"If we ever moved back to Auckland Magic Kingdom would be our first and only choice for our kids. Heard so many positive remarks! Well done for starting something unique and genuine in childcare as our children are the future. Wish you and the team continual success."

Mrs Nimi Nair,

"I read (your Herald article earlier this morning, very cool. Love your innovation, agree completely with your ethos."

College (Secondary School) Educator,

"We highly recommend Magic Kingdom! MKC is a wonderful learning centre with friendly and professional staff who are dedicated to their roles as teachers and mentors. Our little girl absolutely loves Magic Kingdom and we would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a loving, safe and fun learning environment for their child."

Tamu Family,

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial our online Bud-e reading program with the children and your amazing teachers! We so enjoyed every minute and are thrilled with the children’s positive response. Please thank Nikeeta and the teachers for their time and enthusiasm. They are clearly passionate about the children in the centre, the environment and the children’s education. You must have some very happy families in your community."

Tracy (Director, Global Education Systems) and the Bud-e Team,

"I logged in and read (my niece’s) new stories, and my absolute favourite is the shredded paper play session. I want to have a go rolling around, it looks like fun!"

Jaimie (AUNT),

"The teachers at Fern Garden are awesome, and I have appreciated the flexibility of (my son’s) hours"

Genelle L (MUM),

""Both (my children) have attended Fern Garden during their pre-school years. It was reassuring to know that the majority of the teachers have been there a long time. Employees that are happy in their work place will reflect on the atmosphere, obviously lower staff turnaround was also great for my children’s emotional security.""


"I was really impressed with Magic Kingdom and all the staff were so lovely."

Mrs Tripp (MUM),

"My husband and I wanted an environment that would be safe, nurturing , educational and close to home. We found what we are looking for and more with Milky Way. The teachers are awesome. They encourage my daughter everyday and help her create a strong sense of self esteem. We are so grateful that our daughter is being cared by people that truly care about her and want to see her succeed in life. Thank you Milky Way!!!"

A. Copino-Ricablanca (MUM),

"To all the team at Chrysalis Early Learning Centre! We hope you have an incredibly successful open day tmrw! Photographs of your amazing, unique and inspiring service are popping up all over social media here in Australia!! Inspirational is an understatement…those lucky children who will be a part of it!! Very best wishes from our small service on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland"

Ms A Backman,,

"We went this morning for our first transition session and (our daughter) had a great time!"

Grace (MUM),

"We loved getting (our daughters) drawings. Nearly daily we get something different. The best one was the one where she (drew) her family and included her sister before she was born. We made her a big art activity set at home including paints, felts, coloured pencils and crayons, paint books etc at home so we can allow her creativity to grow at home."

Mrs Sharma (MUM),

"I would like to express how happy I am with everything. The teachers have been simply wonderful! (My daughter) is really enjoying the time she spends at daycare. The facility is great, the atmosphere delightful and I love how (she) is always kept busy and involved in various activities which will no doubt enhance her learning. A big thank you to you and your team"

Mrs Glynis Yacoub, (MUM),

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial our online Bud-e reading program with the children and your amazing teachers today! We so enjoyed every minute and are thrilled with the children’s positive response. Please thank Nikeeta and the teachers for their time and enthusiasm. They are clearly passionate about the children in the centre, the environment and the children’s education. You must have some very happy families in your community."

Tracy (Director, Global Education Systems) and the Bud-e Team,

"As a teacher I find Roots & Shoots has a lot to offer the sector that has been missing up until now. I am new to the centre and therefore the software but I love the way it allows us to connect with parents directly via email and they can see Learning Stories as soon as they are posted. I like that stories are ‘living’ documents through this. The metaphor of a tree is a lovely natural way to view Early Childhood and fits well with our philosophy at Fern Garden. It clearly allows us to identify children’s strengths and areas of growth. In that way it makes my life as a teacher much easier. I’ve also been able to look back and link stories together as they are easily accessible and right in front of me when I’m on the computer writing a new story. I love this framework of displaying and sharing learning stories"

Jen (Fully Registered Teacher),

"What a shame you can’t fit both (my girls) in now but anyway I will find some care for them until March because I still really like your centre and have heard great things about your fresh food, excellent care and lots of stimulation"

Tahnee (new MUM),

"(My son) had a great time at Fern Garden. He was challenged by the wonderful outdoor area and always enjoyed the wide variety of stimulating activities that I saw every morning. We will all miss your lovely staff"

Graeme and Eveline (DAD & MUM),

"I understand you have no places available for under2’s. If this changes in the next few weeks please get in touch. Thanks, it was great to come and visit I was very impressed with your outdoor area"

S Nesdal (MUM),

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done in settling (my son) and me into Magic Kingdom. I credit his settling-in period to the warm and safe atmosphere you have created in the Under 2s room…..Thanks for all the yummy food – he enjoys it all!……..My husband and I could not have asked for a more caring, professional and beautifully designed centre"

Mrs Rebecca Leung (MUM),

"(My daughter) seems to be settling in very well to the over 2s room, we are very happy, please pass on our thanks to the team, they’ve made it very easy and made us very welcome. I was wondering, would it be possible to register our (as yet unborn!) baby to start in February next year. It seems too far away, but I know how popular the centre is."

Mrs Catherine Rochford (MUM),

"From the first moment I met (the centre manager) and her teaching staff we knew Magic Kingdom was a great fit for our son. We loved the teacher to child ratio that gave us peace of mind knowing our son would be given the attention he needed not to mention the “home away from home” feeling we felt. Our son settled in quickly which we put down to his wonderful teachers and the awesome environment they’ve created for the children. We highly recommend Magic Kingdom to anyone looking for a childcare centre with great facilities and warm, friendly, professional staff!"

MacDonald-Odendaal family,

"Love Magic Kingdom! Great Teachers, Lovely Centre. Our Children are thriving there."

Mrs T Doyle (MUM),

"I’m just shocked – this place is amazing and I will definitely be recommending Chrysalis to families"

Private Nanny,

"Thank you for creating an exciting environment for our 2 boys. They are safe, nurtured and educated by the lovely team at Milky Way. We have really noticed a big difference with our 2.5 year old. His speech and understanding of the world has improved so much in the space of 4 months! Our 8 month old's eyes beam when he see's his primary caregivers. He cant talk but actions speak louder than words and I'm so happy to see his reaction as he lunges forward to them excitedly. We cannot thank you enough for taking care of our boys."

Mr A Morar & Mrs S Patel (PARENTS),

"Magic Kingdom is a daycare like no other. The centre has been carefully thought out from the design of the daycare to the care and love of the children. My son thoroughly enjoys going to daycare and for every parent, knowing that your child is at a safe and happy environment is just the most comforting feeling. Thank you so much for making a dream daycare."

Mrs May Werner (MUM),

"Thank you for all the support you have given our girls. They have loved going to Fern Garden"

Mrs P Stenhouse (MUM),

"Thank you for the regular updates for (my children) via your website. It’s awesome seeing the effort and care that Fern Garden puts into our children"

Mr A Bickford (DAD),

"The most amazing centre I’ve ever had the privilege to be in. Not just the beauty and the aesthetics of the building itself but also the fundamental DNA in the way in which everyone associated with Chrysalis approaches teaching our young minds. Amazing."

Mr. W. Kannangara, Parent,

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for having us visit your centre yesterday. It took me the rest of the afternoon to get over being ‘Wowed’ by the stunning environment and amazing features within the centre. I was left speechless after the tour and reflected on the reason for this. I believe it is because of my passion for providing children and families with the highest quality of education and care and what I saw yesterday is so aligned to my personal teaching approach and ideal of excellence!"

Ms Severs, ECE Teacher,

"Hi there I don’t have any query or requests but just saw the write up in Roundabout magazine about the win for Chrysalis group. I just wanted to congratulate Nikeeta and Darius and all the staff that have made this possible. I work in the Avondale area and always have admired the beautiful day care centre when I have driven past. Reading on the technology and effort gone into the Centre makes me even more happy as it is a state of art centre. Keep up the great work and Congrats again."

Senior Manager, Rheem New Zealand Ltd,

"Lovely fantastic staff, exceptional facilities in a positive safe innovative learning environment! So grateful our son attends Chrysalis!"

Mrs L Funaki (MUM),,

"Delighted to read about your proposed Secret Forest preschool. Outdoor education is very popular in Denmark."

Bill Carrig, Owner, Design Denmark,,

"Thank you for the wonderful Parent Evening held last week. Was lovely to hear how our children are being educated and supported, and to hear that teachers were learning from them too ?"

Mrs Annie Nuualiitia (MUM),

"Loved checking out (my son’s) stories on line!"

Mrs Angela Johnson, (MUM),

"Magic kingdom is one of best daycares I have seen... Highly recommended place to send your child. Have amazing staff and they take care of my baby very well... Always keep me updated with anything my child has from sickness to wellbeing... Love how they send photos and videos of them showing development stages... One (of the) best choices I made sending my child here."

Mrs Y Khan (MUM),

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial our online Bud-e reading program with the children and your amazing teachers! We so enjoyed every minute and are thrilled with the children’s positive response. Please thank the teachers for their time and enthusiasm. They are clearly passionate about the children in the centre, the environment and the children’s education. You must have some very happy families in your community."

Tracy (Director, Global Education Systems) and the Bud-e Team,

"Loved being there on the first day and to have met the staff as well as the other children/parents. Chrysalis Centre – you have done a GREAT job in setting this up and seeing the BIGGER PICTURE for our young children. Wishing you ALL THE BEST for more and exciting things for the future of our children"

Mrs Banse (MUM),

"When I chose a daycare for my daughter I first picked Milky Way based on convenience of location - right near work. But I quickly grew to learn just how exemplary Milky Way is... 1. My daughter LOVES going there. This past Sunday she put on her shoes, walked to the front door and said “Milky Way” (she is 18 months old). 2. The teachers/carers are absolute angels! As well as caring for our little ones like their own, they care for/take genuine interest in the parents too, asking about our weekends/day at work/night of sleep (or lack of!). 3. They do fun things the whole family can come to! In the 6 months my daughter has been there, we’ve had a Christmas evening (complete with Santa and gifts), a Mother’s Day morning tea (with Nana and aunts) and a weekend open day. 4. They record progress and activities in a learning journal which is a joy to’s hard going from being with our bubbas 24/7 to 8 hour stretches of no contact, so this helps to fill in those gaps. They are also happy for parents to pop in during the day if so inclined. 5. There is lots for the children to do, whether it’s playing in the sandpit, swinging/sliding/climbing on the playground, drawing at the writing table, role playing with toys, reading books or making topical cards/paintings. 6. They provide nutritious lunches and snacks - I very much appreciate not having to pack another lunch in our already busy mornings! 7. The facility is fully fenced and safe and always clean. 8. There is plenty of off-road drop off parking, so you can safely unload without fear of being side-swiped. 9. They keep a journal of when your child has slept during the day, which I found particularly useful when my daughter was younger. 10. I know I’ve already mentioned it but above all else, it’s the amazing TEACHERS who really make Milky Way the daycare I am happy and relaxed to drop my daughter off to each day."

Mrs A Cupples (MUM),

"I am a local resident of Waterview and have been very impressed by what I have been hearing about Chrysalis in the community"

Ms Taylor, Fully Registered ECE Teacher,

"Beautiful facility for children to thrive in; my son has been attending for 2 years and adores (his favourite teacher), due to the love & care she provides"

Mrs C Mackenzie (MUM),

"From day 1 (our son) has settled in very well with all the friendly teachers and kids he met. He always speaks about Fern Garden and was never unhappy. As parents we are happy and have enjoyed (our son’s) development. Thank you very much for everything. I loved the interaction with Fern Garden"

Ms S Pieterse (MUM),

""Congratulations team on winning the "Best Emerging Business Award" in Auckland..this is just one of the many to come…""

Mrs S Swami (MUM),

"(We) would like to take this opportunity to thank you everyone for what you have done with (our son), He has come so very far whilst in your care. I will be recommending your center to anyone looking for a place to take their children."

B & K Vette (PARENTS),

""Absolutely love reading (my child’s) learning stories!! I am so happy with everything at daycare. He is learning so much – I love all the songs he comes home singing. He went to his Great Aunts 50th birthday last weekend & said the Karakia in front of approx 50 people before they ate. Everybody was amazed & wanted to know where he had learnt it – his confidence is just amazing. Thank you so so much you are all doing an amazing job & it shows in our Tamariki ?""

Lorna-Mae (MUM),

"Dear Teachers, Thank you for inviting us to your trip to (Te Puna) Quarry Park. It was lovely to see how well the children interacted with the staff. A special thank you to the teachers for ensuring such a well timed and organised morning ran so smoothly ?"

Elizabeth M (MUM),

"Fantastic Christmas party! Big thanks to everyone at @chrysalis who do such an awesome job caring for our young children and providing a safe, loving and warm learning environment! We had an awesome time at the Christmas party what a fabulous afternoon and top quality Santa!"

Ms K Watson (MUM),

"(The teaching presentations were) brilliant – loved the stories, also understand the transition to over 2. I was a bit concerned that 2 – 5 years was a bit too much for the number of kids (at various stages of development), so appreciated the structure of break-out sessions with the specific age groups."

Mrs Jen Gilman (MUM),

"What a great initiative. It’s definitely what young children need to help develop the skills they need for concentration and learning!"

Primary School Educator,

"Hi Milky Way Team, I remember the feeling when I dropped off (my son) at Milky Way before heading towards my office. It was a mixed feeling of ‘Would (he) manage to settle in’, ‘Will he eat his meals’, ‘Will he be able to make friends’ ‘ Oh no.. English is not his first language’, ‘will he get some naps during the day’, ‘Have I done a terrible thing leaving (him) to the daycare so soon’, ‘Am I a good mom pushing him to adjust (to) new surroundings’, ‘I hope (he) stops crying soon after I left’ etc.. etc.. and thousands other thoughts !!! Fast forward 6 months, and today; situation is changed dramatically. (My son) is very happy at Milky Way. He already started communicating in English confidently. He has already made some good friends. He eats his meals and gets some sleep in the nap time. He is enjoying all the activities carried out at Milky Way. He is reluctant to move out when I go to pick him up in the evening. Such a peace of mind for me and hubby ? This is all because of the great team at Milky Way … I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you. Thanks a lot for taking such a good care of him. You have a big influence on him. ? You have very good centre management, managing kids and parents requirements all the time, keeping us posted about the centre and child progress. I have seen the staff going an extra mile to support the team….kudos to you all and your dedication towards the centre. ? The new staff are also very warm and welcoming. (My son) specially enjoys (their) stories and Japanese character sounds. ? Thanks to (your chef) for making such delicious meals for the kids all the time, with a big bright smile. ? I cant even start to express how grateful I am, towards all of you. You have made my son settle in, not only in Milky Way, but in New Zealand culture too. I would re-iterate: a big big THANK YOU to all of you"

Mrs J Bhadauria (MUM),

"(The centre’s winning invention) demonstrates impressive collaboration between children, centre staff and parents….incorporating an effective blend of service and technology supporting a child’s learning"

CEO of NZ Business Excellence Foundation, Ministry of Education representative, President of NZ Early Childhood Council, (Judges of the 2013 ECC / Telecom Innovation Award – awarded to Chrysalis’ sister centres in May 2013),

"We LOVE Fern Garden!! Also, we are loving the video clips on your secured online portfolios. I plug our ipad into our TV and (my son) wants “No more monkeys” over and over…. he loves it!!"

Mrs A Wheatcroft (MUM),

"Fantastic learning stories… (My child) loves Fern Garden because of all the wonderful creations encouraged by the wonderful staff. Thank you for your diligent approach"

Lara (MUM),

"I would like to thank (your team), for looking after (my daughter). Teachers made her very content, which showed every day. I would recommend to anyone that Fern Garden is a great place for your kids!"

Matt B (DAD),

"My son has been attending Chrysalis for the past 18 months and he's thriving. The caregivers are wonderful, kind and caring people who work tirelessly to keep the children interested with different activities. They have a healthy food policy which is fantastic and teaching my son good lifetime eating habits. The centre itself is amazing with it's indoor / outdoor flow giving the children plenty of room to play, sing, dance, create and nap in natural surroundings."

Mrs S Guttenbeil (MUM),

"I'm so interested with your approach for early learning. My son will be 3 yrs old when the Secret Forest opens in 2020. Can you keep me in the loop when enrolment starts please? Thank you.."

Mrs C Dewi (MUM and our first enrolment query),

"During his time at Fern Garden, (my son) has grown confident in his abilities to express who he is as an individual. He has loved your friendly, smiley faced staff and cant wait to come visit you again. Thank you Fern Garden!"

Christine B (MUM),

""The parents in Fern Garden are the most active of all our service’s customers. This is definitely driven by the new owners. Nikeeta and Darius are very committed to partner with parents, communicate and share. This is exactly what we hoped would happen""

Nimo Namaani, Director, Growing Kiwis Ltd (developers of Fern Garden's original 2010 website),

"Truly the very first time I went on-line on the centres website, the learning roots and shoots was the thing that really impressed me. I was so happy to see a system which displays about the child’s achievement areas in an easy and beautiful way. As a parent I used to read (my daughter’s) learning stories earlier also in my previous centres but the learning roots and shoots system here at Magic Kingdom is so easy and clear for us to understand a child’s achievement areas, as to whether she’s developing communication skills or physical skills and the areas she needs to work on or concentrate on. Secondly, I am a teacher so I know about Te Whariki and its learning strands, but as a parent from different fields other than education, such as my husband, this system makes it easy for him to understand too. Now he loves to read about (our daughter’s) stories as it is easy with the display tree (Roots and Shoots system) to understand her learning areas"

Mrs Passi (MUM and ECE Educator),

"Happy kids make happy parents and my twin daughters are totally happy at Magic Kingdom. The staff is incredible and is always a step ahead to support. I am very particular about the hygiene aspect and I am glad it's been taken care of at its best... that's impressive!"

Mr G Salunke (DAD),

"We would like to thank you and the staff for providing such a wonderful environment for (our son), hands down the best early education environment we’ve seen"

Mrs C Destow, (MUM),

"Both my kids went to Milky Way Childcare and I have to say I am absolutely sure I made the right choice for them. They were well taken care of and I felt as though all the teachers were very loving and affectionate towards all kids. Thank you Milky Way and all the lovely staff for being there for my kids !"

Mrs K Chandrasekar (MUM),

"You have amazing vision, and your facility is going to be ground breaking! We both can’t wait to see it finished."

Tracy Morgan, Director, Squoodles Ltd,,, (Finalist, Excellence in Strategy and Planning —Westpac Business Excellence Awards),

""Thank you for providing (my son) with excellent care during his time with you and your wonderful staff at Fern Garden. We really appreciate the warm and professional atmosphere that is maintained…""

Kim and John (MUM & DAD),

"Thank you for all your help and support I am very grateful for everything you and the staff have done for (my son) we really appreciate it"

April S (MUM),

"Whilst we’re looking forward to the move to England, we’re really sorry to be taking (our daughter) away from a daycare she loves and such fantastic staff who she adores!!!!! Mike and I would both like to relay to Nikeeta and Darius that they have an amazing daycare at Chrysalis with a beautiful building and garden that allows our children to learn and grow, but far more importantly they have absolutely fantastic staff! Choosing the people you want to look after your child is the most important decision you can make as nothing is more precious to you. It feels like leaving (our daughter) with family when we drop her at Chrysalis as we know they have her well being as a top priority! You know it’s the right place for her when she happily runs in each morning, is having too much fun to be sad you’re leaving and blows kisses to all the staff when we leave at the end of the day! Thank you and we really hope we’ll find a daycare that lives up to this one in England!!."

E Bouyamourn (MUM),

"A useful and innovative framework for documenting children’s learning, interests, next steps and life contexts, which includes child and parent voice"

Education Review Office, Fern Garden Preschool (Tauranga),

"Thats so cool. I also think it's important to recognise that children need the chance to be children ... it's so important. Well done to you two as well - what a dream."

Mrs Slipper (MUM),

"Magic Kingdom is warm caring place, my daughter is in the under 2’s group and loves going every morning. The staff are amazing and my wee baby gets all the love and attention she needs. I would highly recommend Magic Kingdom for a childcare option"

Mrs Sarah Gordon (MUM),

""I’m absolutely loving your new teacher!! She is awesome … and its nice to have another young enthusiastic face in the centre to join the others who I think are awesome too. She brings an awesome vibe into the centre with her welcoming smile & greeting every day!! Also (my son) has been bringing the most impressive art work home that she has been helping him do. Very impressed ?""

Lorna-Mae (MUM),

"I have been meaning to get in contact with you and thank you, the event was absolutely fantastic. We are so happy (our boy) is coming to you. The Teaching presentation was fantastic, and made me feel really reassured about bringing him here. The genuine and passionate attitude (that) the teachers have came across very strongly"

Mrs Katrina Burnett (MUM),

""Thank you and the teachers for your personal attention and care for my children""

Anaru (DAD),

"I am so proud of your achievement with the way you have set up your childcare centres in Auckland. I wish you could open one in Gold Coast. Your commitment really shows. Well done! This morning (my daughter) didn’t want to go to her own daycare in Gold Coast. She said: “I want to go to the other one.” When I asked her why, she responded: “because it’s so pretty."

Mrs N Nair,

"I must confess I have been blown away with the building design, the atmosphere and the whole structure here is only surpassed by the presentation of your goals and aspirations"

Mr Bob Mackie, President of the Rosebank Business Association,

"As first time parents it is extremely difficult to let your child go somewhere unfamiliar, however after meeting her fantastic teachers, we were certain she will be cared for. (My daughter) is enjoying every moment she spends at M.K."

Mrs Leilani Tamu (MUM),

"Our almost 2 year old twins have been attending Chrysalis since they were 9 months old. Our whole family loves Chrysalis! The core values of respect and love are evident throughout the center. All of the staff are so caring towards the children and our girls have formed strong bonds with many of their teachers. The facilities are amazing and the staff are always organising exciting activities that foster creativity, curiosity and a sense of adventure. Usually it is hard to drag them home at the end of the day as they are having so much fun. I highly recommend Chrysalis to any parent looking for exceptional care for their child."

Mrs S Leitch (MUM),

"Hi Nikeeta, I just LOVE getting emails to say (my son) has new learning stories posted, so to have 4 new ones is very exciting!!!"

Mrs A Wheatroft (MUM),

"I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy. Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done. Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals."

Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd,

"I am so happy that I decided to move my daughter to Milky Way. Its only been around 2 weeks and she is already saying ‘ I want to be here forever!’. That just goes to show how comfortable she is already and clearly shows the staff are very caring. Milky way does provide a clean and safe environment for the kids and best of all they have plenty of new and interesting toys for the kids to play with"

R. Ravi (DAD),

"It has been an awesome journey with Magic Kingdom ( I know there were little hurdles but appreciate you all handling it well). I would like to thank all of the teachers involved with our journey there. Especially want to thank (Teacher J) as I know (our son) gets along very well with her. Also many thanks to you too for handling the centre very well. I remember when (my son) joined, he used to cry a lot and was trying to adjust with his new environment as he was still developing his communication skills. But now, it is totally changed on how he interacts with everyone and has become a chatter box. Initially he never wanted to go to daycare and now he is excited. There are so many other things to mention and lot of thoughts are going in my mind currently that practically it is not possible to mention all at the same time. I can only summarise it in three words - "Thank You All". This is one of the toughest decisions to take as he is very settled here. I know he will miss everyone at Magic Kingdom."

H. Patel (DAD),

"Your program is breathtaking"

The Secret Forest Playschool, Minnesota, USA,

"Dear (Preschool) team, We would like to thank and appreciate both you and your team for continued efforts you put towards (our children) for their development. Especially we enjoy how you report the group learning stories. Teacher-child interaction, comments made by the children, learning outcome, opportunities and possibilities, etc. These stories give us a clear picture of how both (our children) behave among the group. Also we have noticed both our children have developed their social and communications skills, and they are very confident now. Thank you again and keep up the good work."

S & S De Alwis (MUM & DAD),

"What attracted me to your ad in the yellow pages was the fact that you aim well above the required standards, and are going where no other daycare has gone before with regards to parents satisfaction. The children have an endless playground of imagination and I got the feeling that each child would be well looked after and nurtured. I hope to one day in the future see Magic Kingdom expanding and the possibility of a Magic Kingdom childcare opening in Hamilton, you can guarantee I will be one of the first parents on that enrollment list and recommend to all my friends and family."

Mrs Diane Rodgers (MUM),

"We absolutely love Chrysalis! The facility is beautiful and the staff are fabulous; especially (my son's favourite teacher)."

Mrs J Penwarden (MUM),

"Unique, very inspiring and well planned Childcare centre. A must for everyone to visit."

Mrs Geeta Maharaj, Primary School Teacher,

"Hi I am from Australia, and work in Childcare your centre is amazing, I joined your page just to admire your photos"

Mrs C Lees, ECE Educator, Australia,,

""You have a really awesome way of sharing and communicating kids’ stories!! Very impressed""

Anthea (MUM),

"My older daughter was part of the first batch of Magic Kingdom ‘graduates’. She had a great experience there and I am hoping for the same for my little one (starting February)"

Mrs. Pinto (MUM),

"Hi Magic Kingdom, I'd like to enroll (our second daughter) in May 2020. She'll be almost two then. I know it's a while away, but you've done such a wonderful job with (our first) and I'd like to make sure (she) is well looked after. Can we reserve a spot?"

Mrs K Yeung, (MUM),

"Just stunning …. so happy to have (my daughter) there…"

Mr E Berla (DAD),

"We've had our 2 year old at Chrysalis full time since she was just 5 months old. The staff are as amazing as (are) the facilities. We feel like she's in great hands. We haven't had any of the issues that our friends have had at other daycares. Other than staff, the stand outs to us are the in-house chef and the purpose built building which is crescent shaped facing into the awesome playground."

Mr J Edge (DAD),

"How exciting - a great concept. I will be watching developments with interest. Early Childhood experiences and education at their best. Lets get back to our roots."

Mrs P Watson (ECE Educator and our very first feedback!!),

""As grandparents living a long way from our precious grandchildren (we’re in Australia), access to the children’s learning stories has been absolutely wonderful. Seeing their photos and reading the stories is brilliant. Thank you for this""

J & H Briedahl (GRANDPARENTS),

"My son absolutely loves it here"

Mrs Nicola deBoer (MUM),

""Thanks so much for helping (my son) settle in so well at the centre""

Karyn (MUM),

"The Tree Council are delighted to see your proposal of Chrysalis Childcare … We see the Pohutakawa and the English Oak as a representation of the two main cultures of our country growing together and now to be embraced by this magnificent building. The Avondale community will be very pleased to see that they have not visually lost their amenity value of these trees…Hopefully your proposal will win awards of a great design working with large trees and show other developers what can be achieved"

Sherylle Scott, Community Tree Advisor, The Tree Council of NZ,

"Hi there, I came and had a look at your beautiful preschool with my daughter (...) back in July and just wondered if you had any availability? We will be relocating from Christchurch over the school holidays."

Mrs K Tonks,

"You and your entire team should be so proud of what you have achieved so far and we wish you all the best for the future. We had four generations attend this morning and look forward to having our little miss spent such formative years with you. Congratulations to all….. it is a place of wonder to all of us, especially great granny…. she wants to come too!"

Mrs C Slade (Grandparent),

"I am very pleased to congratulate you for being selected as a finalist for the Excellence in Innovation and Improvement award. What differentiates successful companies in today’s aggressive competitive environment is innovation and constant improvement. This becomes a key competitive advantage and one that is difficult to copy. Obviously you are innovating in a successful way and that is why you have been selected as one of the finalists, well done. Again congratulations and I wish you all the best for the finals."

Loukas Petrou, Managing Director, Canam Group Ltd,

"We have been so incredibly happy with Chrysalis – the learning environment itself is just the BEST you will ever come across in Auckland. I have watched my little boy become a confident toddler who is determined, clever, creative and can problem-solve. I have the teachers at Chrysalis to thank for his amazing development."

R Wouters (MUM),

"I understand you have no places available for under2’s. If this changes in the next few weeks please get in touch. Thanks, it was great to come and visit I was very impressed with your outdoor area"

S Nesdal (MUM),

"Dear team, thank you for all the caring and affection you have shown for our precious (daughter). It really means a lot to us"

Mr and Mrs Ansari (PARENTS),

"It was a pleasure to visit Milky Way Early Learning Centre yesterday. Congratulations to the wonderful team, they created an exciting environment where families and friends can feel part of that service. I admired how children were confident and competent in their own learning. The wall displays captured what has happened at the service each day. WELL DONE!!!!"

Telusila Jordan (ECE Advisor) , Ministry of Education,

""(Our daughter) is absolutely loving it there and doesn’t want to leave most days. We are very happy at how well (she) is being looked after. Its a good peace in mind for me knowing we have chosen a great place""

Ms C Waite (MUM),

"This is the absolutely favorite place from our little one. Amazing teachers, perfect, safe play and learn environment. Your little one gets a morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack and all healthy . There is no better place for my little one , where she is safe and looked after during my work. Thanks Fern garden. You're the best!!!"

Mrs S Müller (MUM),

"B is this your daughters preschool? It's absolutely beautiful! What a magical space 💕"

Ms E. Overdevest (Visitor),

"I have noticed a big improvement in (my boy's) personality and behaviour since he has joined Milky Way. The team are doing a fantastic job and i am learning their approach to apply at home as well which is great as we are seeing an improvement in his behaviour at home as well. They have worked hard to give him the language he needs to express his feelings and his language is advancing fast!"

Mrs N Bahr (MUM),

"Truely a magical kingdom….well done Nikeeta and Darius"

Mrs Keemti Subrail,

"Thank you so much for the wonderful stories about (my daughter)…I am so proud of her and love seeing her Learning Tree getting very colourful with leaves. Well Done"

Mrs Aisha Moorad (MUM),

"(My son) really enjoys telling stories. Thanks a lot to teachers for building (his) confidence in standing up and presenting in front of the class. Thanks to all the teachers for sharing and keeping us posted on his progress."

Mrs Kavita Bhardwaj (MUM),

"Both my girls are really enjoying Fern Garden and I am really happy with their care. Your staff are just wonderful!"

Ms C Osborne (MUM),

"Congratulations, this looks like an amazing centre that has been designed with care to meet the child’s needs and help them excel in all they do. Oh to be kids again and be able to be somewhere like here!"

Peninsula Parenting Community, Te Atatu,

"Thanks team Chrysalis! Our son is getting more and more used to the lovely team there - this is down to the wonderful environment you have set up. Thanks and thanks again!"

Mr G Bayliss (DAD),

"(Our daughter) is absolutely loving it there and doesn’t want to leave most days. We are very happy at how well (she) is being looked after. Its a good peace in mind for me knowing we have chosen a great place ?"

Ms C Waite (MUM),

"I have heard that Magic Kingdom is a fantastic place to go to"

Ms Julie Deavoll, Project Coordinator, Homelink Road Safety,

"Best daycare! My wee daughter is always happy for me to leave her there and enjoys morning cuddles with the teachers. It is like her second home, we absolutely love it. Will recommend to anyone in Auckland with little ones..."

Mrs C Nadine (MUM),

"My children have settled in nicely at your centre, so a big thank you to you and your team! Its great to know on top of the big move to NZ for them, they are happy being at Magic Kingdom"

Mrs Carolyn Deed (MUM),

"I wish you were opening earlier! Please let me know when you do open!"

Mrs Angela Rennie, (MUM),

"This is the most inspiring and beautiful childcare centre I have EVER seen!!! I love the links to culture and identity….. a waterfall starts with just one drop of water and look what comes from that….my dream"

Ms S Purdon , ECE Teacher, Whangarei,

""Thank you and all the very lovely and wonderful staff at Fern Garden for making (my daughter’s) time there so special and welcoming. I have never had an issue with dropping her off there, and as it is full days she is doing – I think that is very amazing. In fact she is always happy if she makes it to being the last one there! Your website and Roots and Shoots is just brilliant and so informative – especially for working mums like myself. I don’t feel like I miss out on as much as I do with all the lovely stories and photos. (She) always leaves Fern Garden with a smile on her face and a wonderful little story to tell and she has made some very special friends. All in all it has been a very supportive and educating environment for (her) and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Good luck with the Telecom innovation awards, Fern Garden is a very deserving winner in my opinion""

Karen (MUM),

"I’ve seen many beautiful child care environments but this one is so unique and clearly planned for the cultures of the children who will attend that I have to share it. Besides it is stunningly beautiful!"

Thinking about Kids Community, USA,,

"Milky Way has certainly helped my son to evolve into a kind, caring, confident kid. Was always delighted to see friendly staff at Milky Way. They have also helped him to socialise and develop the sharing and caring attitude. He is ready and is very much excited to start his school which I believe is the group effort of us parents and Milky Way. Last but not least good communication and updates well in advance and KidReports app is awesome in posting and sharing updates and learning stories of the children. Thank you so much Milky Way for giving our son a thorough platform to face the future."

S Matthew & R Kurian (DAD & MUM),

"We always have a chuckle when he says your name....he'll get there one day I'm sure!! Glad to see he's having a lot of fun with you guys, and thanks for making the effort to encourage him through his shyness. He definitely adores you and the team!"

K. Sitha (MUM),

"I have no words to express how much my son and I feel welcomed at Milky Way. The staff are so warm and loving and they make us feel at home. My son wakes up in the morning and always wants to go to Milky Way. The manager is a wonderful teacher herself and takes a lot of care herself in settling children. I really appreciate the time she puts in to settle my son and help him in understanding English language."

Mrs P. Li (MUM),

"It has been a great ride for all of us at Milky Way. (My daughter) totally enjoyed her time. I have seen her blossom while there. Very happy with the amount of skills, friendship and knowledge she has picked up from all of you guys.vI can say confidently, that she enjoyed the company of each and every teacher in Milky Way. So keep up the good work on hiring the right kind of staff for Milky Way ? How can I forget the amazing food she enjoys there… she loves your food more than mine! ? Anyway, just wanted to write a note about what an awesome experience this has been for all of us. Thanks a ton for everything"

Mrs B Ravi (MUM),

"Your centre really does look fabulous, congratulations to you both"

Mr & Mrs Bird (Centre Parents),

"As first time parents it is extremely difficult to let your child go somewhere unfamiliar, however after meeting her fantastic teachers, we were certain she will be cared for. (My daughter) is enjoying every moment she spends at M.K."

Mrs L Tamu (MUM),

"Incredible to believe this amazing childcare centre has been built right here in Auckland. You have to see this!"

BudE club (Developers of a world class and innovative reading program),

"Great preschool. So happy and glad to have picked Chrysalis for our daughter"

Mrs F Bird (MUM),

"The first few years for a child are the most important of any kids life and this centre sets the right learning path for them. Both my kids enjoy Milky Way. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and have a smile on every time I have met them no matter what their day has been. The centre manager, has been doing a great job at bringing in new activities and teaching the kids new skills. Thank you Milky Way for making me feel like my kids are loved and cherished even when I could not be around. Keep rocking..."

Mrs R Ravi (MUM),

"(My son) is currently in your preschool room. I would just like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you and your staff for the wonderful care and education you provide to him and the children at your Centre. (My son) has attended daycare since he was a very young baby and in April this year moved to your Centre. Upon arrival you showed me and my family around and immediately made us feel welcome and at home. I was anxious as to how my son would settle as he has always been with me, however he settled perfectly and I have never looked back on my decision in placing him at Chrysalis. The welcoming face that we meet at the door everyday always starts my day off well and every staff member I pass on the way to (my son’s) class greets me with a smile. My main reason for this feedback is to mention one person in particular, your head teacher. She has gone above and beyond her duties for (my son) and myself. She always has a smile on her face and even when I need advice she has been there and she has taken the time to pass on her knowledge to me. She is outstanding with the children and is never to busy for them or myself. My son’s has never been so eager to learn and come to daycare, he loves her and I truly appreciate everything she does. I take pride in telling people that my son attends your childcare centre and the wonderful job you all do. Thanks again"

Ms S Cook (MUM),

"Thanks to all your teachers for their patience with (my daughter), taught her a new language and a lot of pretty things that she can do now!"

Alba A (MUM),

"Chrysalis is simply Magical. The moment you walk through the front doors…. you wont want to leave. You have to see to believe."

Ms Bower, ANZ (,

"Fantastic overview of one of our members, Chrysalis Day Care here in the Rosebank precinct. Have you seen anything like this before?"

Rosebank Business Association,

"I’ve just enrolled (my daughter) at the new centre on Rosebank Road – Chrysalis – AMAZING, BEYOND WORDS!!!"

Mrs M Reid, MUM,,

"I can’t tell you how much we will miss MK!!! The standard and quality of care has been amazing on all counts! And no, I can’t believe that my daughter will be a school girl soon!! Which is why we thought we’d celebrate her birthday at MK…Thanks once again!"

Mrs Judith Pinto (MUM),

"Your staff have been awesome in settling my girls into Fern Garden"

Tahnee B (MUM),

""I now have the correct user name and password and can see (my grandson’s) stories. Fabulous work you guys, it’s great to have a glimpse of what my grandson does at preschool""

Ruth, (GRANDMA),

"I am just writing a quick email to express my gratitude to The Pre School Wing. Please pass this on… Thank you so much for your responsiveness, attention to detail and support that you have given (my son) since he has attended Chrysalis. As a concerned Mother, I was very worried about his delay in speech and I have noticed a significant improvement over the last year with his speech which would have not been possible without the help of all the Teachers in the Pre school Wing. I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. He is blossoming into a very talkative intelligent little boy who just lights up my life with his words. (My son) has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand his challenges, and handle him with such a loving and caring nature. He has learned so much and continues to grow and prosper with everyday he attends preschool. His confidence has just grown immensely and I cannot express in words how grateful I am that I received this help and support from all of you in helping him grow. Thank you so much to the team."

A Singh (MUM),

"Dear Magic Kingdom Team, Just wanted to say that big thanks for last Sat, Free Parenting Seminar with John Cowan. We enjoyed very much & it was very informative & easy to follow. We also added our name down for the toolbox early stage class if any Magic Kingdom parents/caregivers are keen. Once again, thanks for providing this exclusive class."

Mr A Yamin & Mrs Y Kim (Centre Parents),

"This place is truly worth checking out! My son has been here since the beginning! Their philosophies and their staff really resonated with me & after checking out their sister daycare “Magic Kingdom” I was sold! At that stage “Chrysalis” hadn’t even been built yet! But after checking out so many other daycares. I’m truly happy with our choice! These guys are the best and the facilities are truly outstanding and a real cherry on the top!! If you’re looking for somewhere special with amazing staff to entrust your most precious child with. This is the place!!!"

Mrs R Tripp (MUM),

"I sincerely appreciate the wonderful care that you have given (my son)…A Big thank you to the teachers for keeping track of my son’s progress and informing me and putting me at ease. You guys are truely wonderful…!"

Ms Wendy Vyas, (MUM),

"Look at this amazing, state-of-the-art childcare facility. We think that the quality of care is the most important aspect of early childhood education but having nice surroundings is an added bonus"

National Academy of Early Childhood, Australia,,

"Will be a hard task finding a daycare that matches Magic Kingdom – it’s simply awesome and (my son) loves it. You guys have done an amazing job"


"Thank you very much for creating such an happy environment for M to play and live. We really appreciate your cool ideas of decorating their play area with family photos and your tender care for M in last few months. He has become more independent than before ?"

J. Sun – (MUM),

"Your staff are amazing and your centre is run very well. I will always praise Fern Garden if anyone is wondering which place to send their child to"

Mrs M Pask (MUM),

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